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This Week on Real Speak, let's go back in time and remember what it was like being young. The questions we needed to asked, the thoughts we were thinking and how do we make it through. Last week I had the privilege to I attend a program at the Dobbins high school It was The Male Leadership Forum and what a wonderful time just going back. I am a graduate of Dobbins Also I had the opportunity to be a part of a rites of passage.Troop 98 Of the Boy Scouts of America had thier annual blue and gold ceremony.Cub Scouts crossed over to Boy Scouts this is a similar ceremony better-known as a rite of passage. I am an eagle scout and again I had the opportunity to go back into time and remember when I was young. But being young I needed help, I needed help from other men to help guide and lead me in the right way. Is this happening today
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