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Real Men Speak is a radio talk show design to stimulate conversation within our community and amongst men and women and especially the younger generation. The show is designed again to stimulate conversation to help to change the way things are being developed and executed. I've learned that the only way things will change is if we come up with new ways of thinking and doing. So what I'm asking is that you the listening audience, You my friends and family, You my Colleagues come and join this movement to help make things better. The real man speak radio show is full of different ways to help create options for both our young men and men in general as well as the family. It takes a village to raise a standard for change The real men speak radio show does not have a topic of discussion, we want to have open dialogue conversation with you about the matters of the heart , and how to change the events that are taking place. I need each and every one to become a player in the game and voice your opinions and your concerns so that our young listeners can hear the love that's coming from concerned people like ourselves. Myself and Real men speak cannot Change this on our own We are just one voice one voice.Please get involved. Our website is www.realmenspeak.org George Stevenson Host / Producer Real Men Speak
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Tonight on Real Men Speak, of discussion is going to be on Depression. Men are suffering from this deadly disease called depression. And we want to discuss what measures we can take to help cure or prevent this ailment that is overtaking us.... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, we are asking the question, Where Are the Men. Our conversation will take place in the Man Cave and we want to know about the status, situations and needs that produce a man. Do you think the male... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, Let's just have a good old fashion conversation about life as a Man

This Week on Real Men Speak, were going to celebrate the life of our civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King. As a man what is your day of service going to be like. It's time for all men to step up and to do a new thing. So join into the service

This Week on Real Men Speak, were going to have the discussion On Education and why it's so it important. When trying to find employment how important it is to have high school diploma or GED ?. Education is a requirement in... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, We are going to continue our discussion on the Wounded Warrior. We need to continue this dialogue especially after hearing about the two officers assassinated in New York City.The Question is does one... more

This Week on Real Men Speak we want to continue on our series The Wounded Warrior, but the conversation is going to be more on what we can do better as men. It is time for us to take responsibility for our own actions and stop blaming... more

This Week on Real Men Speak ,we are going to continue our discussion on The Wounded Warrior. This week our topic is going to be on Resisting Arrest. In the prior weeks we witnessed many different accounts on the repercussions of... more

This Week on Real Men Speak, The discussion is going to be on prevention. Our guest speakers are from The Philadelphia Police Department, yes you heard right, The Philadelphia Police Department. The best defense is a great offense so... more

This Week on Real Men Speak the discussion will be on Thanksgiving. Another word for Thanksgiving is gratitude. We would like for you, our listening audience to share what you are grateful for. We have so much to be thankful for,... more