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The Real Life Law of Attraction Power Hour is about living life with passion, enthusiasm, and how to manifest your dreams by really understanding the Law of Attraction! :: Andrea Sholer and friends discuss all aspects of the Law of Attraction: The teachings of Abraham, the work of Jerry & Esther Hicks, and how to 'get into the vortex' when real life seems to get in the way! ...That's REAL LIFE Law of Attraction!

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The #1 question asked on http://Real-Life-Law-of-Attraction.com is "How to Get Into the Vortex?" You've been studying the Universal Laws of Attraction and manifestation, you've been reading Abraham Hicks books, and you've even... more

Law of Attraction and the Vortex... Have you read the Abraham Hicks books? Have you seen the video or heard the audio from an Art of Allowing workshop? Have you been studying the Universal Laws of Attraction, but still feel a... more

Step 1 = Pause. Don't do, think, decide, or take action if you are in the heat of emotion. Just breathe. Step 2 = Go do something that is enjoyable for you as soon as safely possible. Put the emotional situation "on the shelf" and make a... more

It's easy to love what IS, as it IS, when it's something you LIKE... It's easy to check in with your feelings and do only what feels good when you are in the vortex... It's easy to let other people be, do, and say whatever they please (even... more

"But I don't Feeeeeeeel like it!" How many times have you said/thought that to yourself? And, when we learn from Abraham that we must trust the guidance of our feelings before taking action, it can be very confusing to not feel... more

If you're like me, you can often feel less than great about yourself, and consequently, keep yourself out of the vortex until you lose that 20 pounds, get that new relationship, or earn some more money. But, from a Law of Attraction... more

If you really look at it, SO much more is going right in people's lives than wrong, but, many of us can still fall into the bad habit of noticing what has gone poorly, or feels like a problem instead. It does take focused effort to try to... more

Controversial: In their recent Law of Attraction workshops lately, Abraham Hicks has made quite a shift in their message about doing processes to become more aligned or get into the vortex - basically saying that processes are not... more

We are doing something a little different this week, discussing a radical new idea for Law of Attraction manifestation: The idea that a good model for staying in the vortex is to "treat yourself the way you would lovingly care for a 3-year-old!"... more

In last week's show we touched onto one of the major tenets of Law of Attraction manifestation - the importance of finding the ESSENCE of your desire, and then appreciating, enjoying, loving, participating in, and savoring that essence, as... more
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