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Tech Week in Chicago with CEO & Founder  Steve Tomaszewski.

I’m a Midwest success story looking to tell the world about my company

Over 150 companies will be showcasing their products and services at our Expo in June. The energy on the Expo floor will be bigger than ever. We improved the Expo floor plan, added more featured lounges, doubled the size of Bar Techweek, and added many more interactive features throughout the floor.  var Episode = { ApiRootUrl: '', ads:"Fri, Jun 28, 2013", adTag: "{aid}&c.qdsd={qdsd}&c.tpt={tpt}&c.campaign=", adTagMidroll: "{aid}&c.qdsd={qdsd}&c.tpt={tpt}&c.campaign=", bProfile:false, bitrate:128, customEmbedCode:"Check Out Sports Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Watch Live now TalkingCarZcom on BlogTalkRadio", CompanionHeight: 250, CompanionId: 'companion1', CompanionWidth: 300, dur:5160000, Duration: 5160, EditDecisionList: [], hostID:162944, HostId: 162944, hostName:"Watch Live now TalkingCarZcom", hName:"Watch Live now TalkingCarZcom", hUrl:"reallatv", hostUrl:"/reallatv", IsOvaEnabled: true, jwPlayerKey: 'M+3IUee2GQZGAvOG7s09M+SNIWUCGpaekxAXsg==', lp:false, mod:"false", pageName:"tech-week-chicago-steve-tomaszewski", showDateUTC:1372437000, showDateSTR:"6/28/2013 4:30:00 PM", showFile:'/reallatv/2013/06/28/tech-week-chicago-steve-tomaszewski.mp3?localembed=showpage&guid=f3293b5f-8214-4895-a5f6-ee482867f1ee', showID:5053523, showImage: "", showLink: "/reallatv/2013/06/28/tech-week-chicago-steve-tomaszewski", showName:"TECH WEEK CHICAGO STEVE TOMASZEWSKI", sIsMP3LiveStream:"1", skipAds:false, state:"archived", ttstcd:-3600, ttl:0, wwwroot:"", userID:"cfcfaba9-635c-4f14-be83-3155b53ece45", z:{} } Player.createPlayer(Episode); $(document).ready(function () { MYBTR.setupEpisode(Episode); $(document).on("modulesReady", function() { $(document).trigger("pageWireupReady", Episode); }); });