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My name is Christoph, originally I am from Germany and I am an ongoing student in the School of Hard Knocks, also known as the University of Life. Every since I was a child I tried to understand the motives behind human behavior as well as the underlying reasons for suffering, conflict, violence, injustice and war, truth, God, love and the meaning of existence. This quest has lead me through some very difficult and life transforming experiences, all of which have provided me with much significant insight and knowledge. The product of my studies is realize2actualize, a philosophy (realize) and practice (actualize) of life and learning dedicated to the exploration (realization) and practical application (actualization) of wisdom. The purpose of this program is to introduce you to this new learning concept of realize2actualize, and to inspire you to look at your problems and challenges as opportunity for growth.

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I really love Blogtalkradio, which provides everyone with the opportunity to do a live online radio program, and that for free, but the question is, Now that we are here, what are we going to talk about, so lets find now, right here, right now

This is about learning, or rather remembering and practicing what we have forgotten a long time ago, to be fully present

Love seems to be only focused on finding the right object. Falling in love seems to be easy, and what everyone is looking for, but what does it really mean and require to love someone?

It is so much easier to use our energies against that which we do not want, to have another demonstration or revolution against the system, the injustice, the terror, the perceived enemy outside, but what is it actually that we do want to... more

Something i always wanted to talk about, but never did, up until NOW :)

Its time to learn about the power of our real nature which connects us to everyone since we all come from nature, and we all have a nature.

The new revolution of this world begins with an evolution from within, and it start at no other time than NOW.

You gotta check this out...

Everything in life goes thru this process of evolution and change, but what directs this process for us human beings?
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