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    Radio Dramatization

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    This episode lists the reasons for why good credit is Necessary and to prevent Consumers from being slave to Big Credit Giants.  They seem to have the upper hand, while the consumers have limited choices available prodominately due to poor credit histories.  If our focus continues to towards the debt we have accured in our lifetimes we then we are being distracted from our spiritual lives.  The more we are drawn away from the spiritual world the more restless we become.  Proverbs 22:7 Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is slave to the lender.

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    Marcus and Murphy: Growth in Phoenix and Elsewhere

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    Insight about real estate trends in Phoenix from Marcus and Murphy.

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    Buy the House, No Mortgage with Bro. Polight @5pm est

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    Brother POLIGHT, is on a Health, Wealth, and Stealth tour where he will be traveling to eight states in less than three months. The purpose of this tour is to erect our own bank, give our people back their own land, hospitals, and schools. This is a three part tour. The third part takes place in China, the U.K, and Jamaica. We are awaiting a confirmed date for Dr.Sebi and brother POLIGHT to share the Platform so their schedules do not conflict. 

    The first set of cities will have the nu-covenant tour in the Midwest on back to the East coast. These states go as follows.

    Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, and New Jersey. Brother POLIGHT will be releasing 5 books during the course of this tour providing step-by-step methodologies that must be employed to put our people in the best situation. Continue to check www.2012res.com for updates pertaining to this tour and visit Polight on Facebook and/or twitter for updates on the latest classes, events and radio shows. please call (917)-889-7116. This is an information show only.

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    Apartment Pricing ON THE RISE.. WHAT A JOKE

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    Our lease is up in June and we have been looking at places for rent WHAT A JOKE.. 
    Callers please call in and tell me how much you pay for rent. 
    I learned some tricks also while taking 3 days to look at some places. 
    This is a bitch session and also a learning session on how to rent for cheaper. 

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    RAW NIGHTS with Kelly Mitchell

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    Well it's been a grand 10 month run at RAW and it's time for me to turn the reigns back to the ladies.  I doubt I'll be able to stay far from the radio for long so look for me one day soon...  I'm thrilled to bring on Liz Strauss as my last interview for RAW.
    Till we meet again.... Kelly Mitchell
    Tonight's guest is  SOBcon CEO and Founder, as well as author of  the eBook:  The Secret to Building a Successful and Outstanding Blog, Ms. Liz Strauss. Liz is a blog thought leader, she knows how to build community and is one of the most influential bloggers online. SOBcon is a unique online business tool conference limited to just 150 attendees, in Chicago this year.  It's going to be a terrific time, so pull up a chair, grab a drink and relax. 

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    Buying San Diego Real Estate

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    The smartest way to find the home you're looking for is searching the internet.
    (Oops! Try again, but this time, read the question a little more slowly...and go with your first impulse... ready... set... go!)
    (You devil you. How did you know that the best way to find a home is to call us? Somebody must have already told you. We will give you ALL the information on EVERY home in which you might be interested, without any hassles.)
    San Diego Real Estate

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    January News You Should Know

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    A brief compilation of news and events for January - February for Berkshire Realtor members.  This is the first episode, so be kind!

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    HARP 2.0 and Happy New Year

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    Happy New Year and welocme to the first episode of 2012. Bringing in the new year I wanted to speak a little about the mortgage industry and try to get some insights on HARP 2.0 and other mortgage products.
    Todays guest is Jerry Arsenault and Sandra Sawmiller, Operations Manager of Vantage Point Loans Group and SR. Processor for Vantage Point Bak. Jerry is Director of Vantage Point Loans Group and Sales Manager for Vantage Point Bank www.Vantagepointbank.com.
     Listen in as we have a candid conversation and bring in the new year with great real estate talk.
    Here are some helpful links that were talked about during the show.

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    2012- Lets make it one for the record books

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    Listen to Anthony and Sheri talk about whats coming in 2012 for the mortgage world. 
    Hear some current events, and our take on the current events
    Meet a cool professional!

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    FIG LEAF RADIO: (USS) Uncovering Sub-prime's Secrets

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    We welcome you on behalf of our Prime-Time Sponsors, the great staff and management of SUPREME CONSULTING LLC (http://www.supreme-consulting.com) to FIG LEAF RADIO, today's most piercing talk show on the mortgage and credit industries, penetrating the hidden surface to uncover the truth about what brought about the 2008 Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis and related issues. 
    The show is hosted by Wall Street attorney, W. Omar Ayu, Esq., whose successful law practice focuses on financial recovery, credit restoration, real property law and class actions.  Attorney Ayu is a former law professor, community activist, foreclosure survivor and once worked for one of the largest corporate law firms in the world. 
    The show is hosted by B. Tucker-Bey, noted sociologist and law enforcement officer, achieving the rank of Lieutenant.  He is an entrepreneur, human resources consultant, family man and owner of multiple properties across his home state of Maryland.  
    The show is co-hosted by the lovely K. Smith, an entrepreneur, real estate investor and as a former private mortgage loan officer, she is blessed with significant experience in mortgage finance. 
    They know their stuff
    They are joined weekly by an all-star cast of mortgage, legal and financial professionals who will give the interested listener insight into the tactics, techniques and tips they can use to navigate the maze of male cattle excrement that awaits the unsuspecting borrower.  This show is for the homeowner who is facing foreclosure, has experienced foreclosure or those concerned about the economic impact of the nearly 3 million foreclosures in this country occurring yearly.
    Beating the Banks is Possible!!!  Listen in for how...

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    Mortgage and Real Estate Radio

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    On my 12/16 show we will be talking about the general market health and the things that the government is doing to help sales.