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Young folks! What's going on in your world. Let's talk about it. Your middle school crew: Big Kel, Shadow, Uncle Tyler, Ty-B, Baby Boi, and on occasions Ms. Princess, are offering you the platform to speak your peace. Stop by the show and take a load off. Just remember, let's keep it respectful.

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Sup FAM!! It's the Real Life Crew in the building holding it down as only we can do. Well we are all very excited about beginning our new journey as High School students next year. That's what's up!!! As for the topic on the table, it's however... more

What's good FAM?! It's ya boys and girl from the Real Life Radio Show, and MAN we are bringing the entertainment for you today! Today we are going to keep it light and lively with our, "You Just Got Punked!" episode. If you need... more

What's good FAM?! It's ya boys coming to you live on the Real Life Radio Show. The topic of the month is "Scary Ghost Stories." We plan to share some of the scariest true stories we've experienced or heard about with you and let me tell... more

In our school, you hear guys and sometimes girls say all the time, "I'm going to be a professional ball player." As out of reach as that may appear to many of us, for that person, there is no other truth because they LOVE the way they... more

What's good FAM? We decided to tackle a topic that many people have gone through or at least known somebody who's gone through it: bullying. Why do people feel the need to bully someone? What can the person being bullied do to... more

Greeting FAM. It's your boys, and girl...:), coming to you live on the Real Life Radio Show. On this month's show, we will be taking on the very controversial topic of Food Stamps (EBT); should this Government program continue or is it... more

Welcome back FAM! We are back on the mic with another awesome show coming your way. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to make our next shows very entertaining. Kickin' it off is today's show about Social Internet versus... more

We live in a world where people always want praise for everything they do...to be noticed...to be popular. What many people don't realize is that there is often a hefty price must be paid to get to a place where people look at you as popular.... more

Can you believe it folks!!! The boys of Real Life have been bringing it to you live for a year now. Today it is time to celebrate. Stop by and enjoy the show. Big Kel will be back on the scene and of coure we will have our newest member Spirit... more

What's good folks? It's ya boys and now, with our new addition Ms. Spirit, ya girl, kickin' it to you live on the Real Life Radio Show. The Topic today is, "I'm Rich!" Why is it that people always think being rich means you have a lot of money?... more