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Reading By Debbie


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About Me: I am clairvoyant and have been my whole life. People ask me if I’m psychic, all the time, jokingly. I’m not crazy about the word “psychic” because it brings to mind those corny psychic hotlines, fortune tellers and tricksters. But in truth, it’s what I am. The best “match” for what I “AM” is Clairvoyant. Here’s what I mean…My main “sensibilities” are: Clairvoyant: I receive mental pictures – I call them “visual stamps Clairaudiant: I hear statements, single words, or conversations – which I usually don’t understand at first. Then two days later, inevitably I will be involved in a conversation or reading with someone and understand where it fits. Either it is “shown” to me, or it just naturally flows with the subject at hand. Usually when I receive, I have no idea who the information is intended for. One of the amazing things is I may not even KNOW that person yet. Then the conversation comes up, and I get the “tip” and I know. my secondary “Clair” is Claircognizance – I just “know” things – very clearly – it just “is” with no question. It’s like, on a clear day, you wouldn’t argue with me that the sky is blue right? Well that’s how it is when it comes to claircognizance…it just “IS”. I channel information through Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Automatic Writing and Tarot. We work together to clear a path. That means I am more of a facilitator or a guide. Our reading will be a conversation instead of me just giving you information, we will process it together while moving forward. As we talk the visuals and words I see and hear guide the reading. Your reading with me will include some laughs, and possibly some tears. This is s a good thing! I never “filter” or sugar coat information. I feel it’s my responsibility to give messages as received. If I received it then you are in a place to hear it. I’ve lived with these “clairs” my whole life, it runs in my family, and it’s just a part of who I am. Lots of love

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