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This show covers the Obama eligibility movement from a legal and factual perspective and politics in general. There is no show on Christmas night. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday week.

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This a weekly show covering the Obama eligibility movement, the cases, and politics in general.
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Scott Erlandson and Frank Arduini will debate the proposition that President Obama is not eligible for the office.

There is all much news from Georgia as the plaintiffs all file their appeals in the ballot challenge case. Unfortunately, they all filed against the wrong party. But, what the heck, they are Birfers after all. Miki Booth goes to CPAC and sold one... more

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp accepted the recommednation of Admistrative Law Judge Michael Malihi to reject three challenges against President Obama in the presidential primary. I will review the long interesting... more

Let's discuss the most recent decsion in Georgia and one that the Birthers don't realize was much more important in Virginia. Tune in at 9 PM EST. Call 347 324-5546 and voice your opnion.

Foggy and Rikker will give their accounts of the hearing in Georgia on the 26th. Another epic fail by Illinois Brither Sharon Meroni and the rest of the latest news from the crazy kingdom of Birthistan.

A number of people are planning to attend the hearing before ALJ Malihi and report on the procedings. Interviews with the Fogbow ground crew who were on location.

I have invited folks from both sides of the issue of the "jus sanguinus" only defintion of NBC to a 90 minute debate. So far I have only one side who has accepted. Frank Arduni, Patrick Colliano and Steven Feinstein will dicuss the... more

RC Radio wrap up show to discuss the dabate on the LFBC held on Mark Gillar's show. John Woodman will join us following the deabte. John is the author of the book Is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate a Fraud

Tonight we will discuss the ballot challenges in Alabama and Georgia. Mr. Barry Ragsdale the attorney for the Alabama Democratic party will be my guest.

Mike Dunford provides a report on the lastest hearing before Judge Nishimura in Honolulu as Orly tries to enforce her subpoenas from Georgia. Call (347) 324-5546 with your questions and comments.
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