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The Remnant Church Bible Institute is the ministry education arm of Tell Them Outreach Fellowship and Network. Email us at: You may register for classes and, if you are having financial difficulties, the Lord has paid your scholarship!

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From the book, "First Things First", Russel Board writes on the subject of Prayer. Today, we continue, with Dr. August S. Francis, to cover the subject of Prayer and the Types of Prayer that are covered, overall, in the Word of God. Prayer is conversation with the Lord and we must take it very seriously. How can we do the work of the Lord without speaking to the one we work for. Let's take a look at His Word! Remnant Church Bible Institute Tell Them Outreach Church (409) 234-5854
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How deeply does the Word of God apply to our lives? Does it REALLY have the effect that we tell people it has? We need to take much care in how we handle the Word in our preaching, teaching, social media postings and our day to day... more

In the weeks since our last RCBI broadcast, I have had the opportunity to examine several things, including myself! Dealing with this subject, God's Word For Me, has gotten very interesting in the last few hours. The bottom line is... more

"The Word is quick and powerful..." Do you believe that? It is important that we understand the place of the Word in our lives. It is food to our spirits, necessary to our growth and development as Christians. Let's examine some information... more

The Bible! With a host of books written and the host of people who are teaching from their own words, why do we need the Bible? Remnant Church Bible Institute 1-409-234-5854

We are presenting the last teaching on this subject and the closing section of this chapter. Please take the Fruit Of The Spirit very seriously. This is the personality of Jesus that the Holy Spirit wants to develop in our lives. As the late B.H.... more

We continue in the teaching on the Fruit of The Spirit. Go to Galatians 5 and read as the Word of God puts it into context. Let's cooperate as the Holy Spirit developes the character of Jesus in us. Remnant Church Bible Institute... more

What I ask you to notice is the question and the way it is phrased. "What IS The Fruit Of The Spirit?" Not "...what ARE the fruitS..." The Fruit Of The Spirit IS One, not many! Let's look at the Word of God and the lessons. Remnant Church... more

According to our author, Russell A. Board, "There are four (4) principles to guide us in the exercise of the Gifts Of The Spirit..." Let's examine the use of the Gifts and operate by the Holy Spirit. Remnant Church Bible Institute... more

The Gifts of the Spirit help us to present Jesus to the world! These are not "toys" for the church world to amuse themselves or to show off to each other. We were present these and are presented these gifts to manifest Jesus. And the Word of... more

We continue in the teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit. It is important that we have an understanding of these Gifts, due to the fact that the job of the Holy Spirit is to empower us to represent and present Jesus to the world. Jesus lived, operated... more