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They’re smart, stylish, active, accomplished, compelling and down for anything—except boredom. They come from the most cutting-edge corners of entertainment, music, sports, business and technology. And they’re right here beginning May 1 in a special series sponsored by the all-new 2013 Toyota RAV4. Throughout the spring and summer, stay tuned for the most fascinating African American figures as they delve into what it takes to grind raw talent into greatness. From screen sirens like Angela Bassett and Grammy champs like Common to Black Girls Hack founder Kat Calvin and pro-footballer-turned-TV-director Matthew A. Cherry, Going Places Radio brings you a memorable collection of pioneers in their fields—and well beyond. Toyota: Let’s go places.

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Like her dad Muhammad before her, Rashida Ali is as adept as a jackhammer at breaking new ground. Only in Ra's case, it's the business world she's out to mess with. Interviewed on Rodney Perry Live, the entrepreneur explains the... more

The Huffington Post has hailed Ellen and Lana Ector as ?two spunky women seeking to break the myth about how black women interact with fitness,? while Ebony magazine called their Black Girls Workout Too video ?an... more

At age 38, rapper Styles P is close to aging out of his demo. Or is he? When The Knicks Blog host Anthony Donahue suggests that today's teens wouldn't appreciate last year's Wu Block, a collaborative album by fellow Gen X hip hop... more

Kat Calvin is a pioneer of the rarest sort, working diligently to bridge the gap between the digital revolution and cultural stereotypes. Or, as Saturdays host Joy Keys put it, ?You're a black geek girl.? In 2012, Kat founded Black Girls... more

Desmond Bishop may be a linebacker for the Greenbay Packers, but that doesn't mean the only post-NFL careers open to him are ESPN commentator and product pitchman. From the sound of things, he's got his eye on becoming the next... more

Who knew mega-hottie Meagan Good had producing chops to boot? When chatting with Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone, the veteran actress fills us in on the fate of her first indie flick, in which she also stars. ?Miles from... more

Don't try pigeonholing Grammy-winning diva Jill Scott into a single artistic discipline, lest you want a piece of her fast, fertile mind. ?I just got a TV pilot. It's call Second Sight. It's kind of a science-fiction genre. I play Dr. Safreen Callier.... more

Whoever it was that said African Americans and classical music don't mix never met Aaron Dworkin. Interviewed on Across the Arts, the violinist recalls his inspiration for creating the Sphinx Organization. ?While I was at the University... more

We know Gabrielle Union as the star of hit flicks like Bring It On and Bad Boys II. But good luck getting her to bask in her own success. ?If I know I'm going to have microphones put in my face, I'd much rather use that time to help save lives,?... more

If anyone knows the power of networking, it's Grammy-winning producer Focus. After all, he's collaborated with A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Dr. Dre. And his advice to anyone looking to get in the music game is to be... more