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Andreena Mill is a real space cadet—or at least would like to be one. When the Grindhard Radio team, Jit Chronicles, Dangerous Tactics and Virginia Slim, ask what she’d be doing if not in the music industry, the budding R&B diva says, “I’d either be a chef or an astronaut.”  As for what irks her, she confesses, “I hate the politics of the industry that comes along with success.  But it’s no different than any job.  If I were working at FedEx trying to climb the corporate the ladder, it would be the same.” Most revealing, however, is the Stone Love singer’s response to the question, “If you were a super hero, what would your super powers be?” “I’d love to be invisible,” she confesses. “And I’m a girl. So you know what I’d do with the power.”

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