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Brian discusses the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case that is dividing the nation.

Afterglow welcomes Kurt Van Gordon to the show tonight. Long time missionary in Utah and an expert on the Mormon religion. We willd discuss the a defense against Mormonism and the roll it is currently playing in politics and end time... more

Jacob Prasch expounds on Ezekiel 43 - The temple and the East Gate. The prophetic importance of the Gate and the Jewish Messiah entering therein. Jacob and Moriel are committed to the conviction that we are in the Last Days... more

More on TBN and Jan and Paul Crouch and the scandal that is brewing. Jackie puts some of the blame right where it belongs - on the lap of those so-called solid teachers who have enabled the Crouches in their narcisim by not bringing... more

This is the 5th and conclusion episode of the Labrynth withing the the church. Join Miguel for this special show. Miguel Hayworth is the founder/director of the First Plumbline Apologetics which was established in 2001. Experiences within... more

Todd Strandberg The founder of Rapture Ready brings you the Rapture Index, featured articles and latest information regarding Bible Prophecy. Terry James has produced a number of books involving

Matt Buff is back tonight and joined by his brother Dan to talk about the after math of the Zimmerman verdict. The DOJ is out of control and Stevie Wonder is off his rocker. The media is reclassifying GZ's race as "White Hispanic" Black... more

Christian Zionist and founder of Elisha Vision, Les Lawrence, joins Brian for a discussion on the current events in Egypt and the relation to Isaiah 19.

Afterglow with Tim And Vince. Tonight we will discuss the George Zimmerman trial. We will also finish our discussion on Sodom and Gahmorrah. Tim Roden Host, Blogger Speaker. Vince Tarquin: Cohost, Chaplain. Apologist.

Miguel Hayworth is the founder/director of the First Plumbline Apologetics which was established in 2001. Experiences within different denominations showed that much of what was going on in the churches was not oriented around the Bible.... more
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