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    Praise the Lord Program

    in Christianity

    Join us this evening for our Praise the Lord Worship Program, as we celebrate and worship our one true Lord!   We will be sharing scripture and playing music, so come and join us!   We're on at 7pm eastern, 4pm pacific, 2pm Honolulu and midnight London every Thursday and Saturday with your hosts Missy C. Haynes, Gina Novobilski-Heenan and Jennifer Christine Jones!   You can also reach us at: http://www.facebook.com/DoesChristKnowMe/   And at our ministry website at: http://www.doeschristknowme.org/   Please follow us on our radio programs at 7pm eastern at:     http://my.blogtalkradio.com/doeschristknowme   Just click on "follow" under the icon of our ministry and you will get the link for every show.   If you wish to participate in the chat room, we encourage you to obtain a free blogtalkradio account!   Hope you join us!  God blessings upon you and your loved ones!

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    The POWER Lunch: Hoodoo New Orleans Voodoo Secrets & Recipes

    in Spirituality

    The POWER Lunch: New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo Secrets and Recipes with The Divine Prince, House of the Divine Prince, TyE Potions and Hoodoo Central on 
    My LIVE Listen-In and Call-In Number is area code 347/215-8967 and My LIVE chat room and show page direct link and location is:
    “Spiritual Knowledge and Power lies in its efficacy and its ability to produce and manifest powerful, reliable tangible lasting manifestation and results, right here and now in this moment in time/space; all else is vanity, all else is ego, all else is illusionary.”
    ~The Divine Prince
    Do you want to just talk about it or are you ready for POWERFUL life affirming transforming lasting results and manifestation?
    Psychics CAN Predict BUT New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo Gets Results!

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    Can Truth Set U Free or Even Bind You To Your Ignorance ?

    in Spirituality

    Hello greetings  !
    The topic of this show will explore in brief the issue of When the realisation of truth or knowledge becomes either a powerful force of liberating freedom or just a heavy burden weighing down the mind to further confuse and keep us locked in a never ending cycle of fear and ignorance or in state of denial to limit self growth and ultimately unbalance the mind !!

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    The Dani Johnson Radio Show

    in Self Help

    Dani coaches, consults, and mentors people from all walks of life, from multi-millionaire executives to people struggling to just get by, in personal achievement, career advancement, conflict resolution, business growth, leadership development, teamwork, confidence building, overcoming fear, spiritual issues, parenting and grooming kids for success, marketing solutions, executive decision making, profit strategies , relationship marketing, time management, debt elimination, and wealth attainment. All that matters is that the person is teachable, hungry with desire, and willing to learn As Dani says, “I’ll equip you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams… if you let me.” Dani’s proven strategies equip her clients with the skill sets that land them the best jobs, get the biggest raises, grow companies in a down economy, raise success minded children, and so much more. Thousands have traveled from all parts of the world to attend her live training seminars. Men and women from ages 7 to 101, every race, religion, economical status, educated, uneducated, experts beginners and everything in between gather to learn from this dynamic, thought provoking speaker who produces results with her clients. Dani has been seen on TV by millions of viewers the world over through her numerous appearances onworldwide television netwrks including CNBC, TBN, Daystar and PAX.Dani is passionately dedicated to her husband Hans, 5 kids and 2 grandchildren. She and her husband Hans are the founders of King’s Ransom Foundation, a non-profit charity dedicated to serving people in need, especially families and children, worldwide.

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    The Soul Survivor - Mar 26,2012

    in Education

    The Soul Survivor Pastor Terry Cheek My wife and I make our home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina where I maintain a career in the electrical trades, pastor a church and we work toward a self sustaining lifestyle.
    I am a licensed and ordained Southern Baptist pastor, author and Bible teacher. I hold an earned Doctor of Theology degree from and accredited seminary.
    My lovely wife Lori is a 24/7 homemaker.
    Together we minister, garden, raise livestock, preserve food, hunt, fish and whatever else is needed to prepare ourselves for days that are ahead.

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    Topics from 'A Course In Miracles'

    in Spirituality

    Join me Sunday evenings to talk about ideas from 'A Course In Miracles.'  ACIM is a profound teaching that helps you understand your deepest sense of Self, why you are here and what you must learn.
    Rev. Jean Weston completed studies to become an Ordained Ministerial Counselor through Pathways of Light.  She spent a year studying with Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, given numerous talks and led study groups.

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    Testimony from a New Age Healer who Discovered the Truth!

    in Spirituality

    TESTIMONY of a former "Light Worker" New Age Healer who discovered that what she thought was light was extreme darkness!!
    Many people are suffering with a epidemic of sickness and diseases overwhelming our hospitals and doctor offices. They are adding floors and rooms and building places to try and treat the sick at an alarming pace. For many they are willing to try anything to get relief.  Unfortunatly that includes Old Mystery Religion TEchniques and repackaged eatern religion. All of which are not only dangerous to the body but extremely lethal to the soul. Unless they know the Way to be healed is through Jesus. The Truth about real healing is found in Jesus, and the Life that Jesus is for here an for eternity. I am the God that healeth thee!!

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    Living out the Gospel in Heels

    in Christianity

    Living out the Gospel in Heels is a show dedicated to the ministry of women who desire to live Godly. The program is focused on biblical strategies to help women develop a lifestyle of walking with Christ daily inspite of some of the difficult circumstances life may bring. We will take on topics such as walking in grace, the fruit of kindness ect.....we will take a realistic view of the challanges associated with walking Godly in today's culture.

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    AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji

    in Spirituality

    The Leslie Arnold Show features "AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji." The latter term means "Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)" in English. Each week Leslie interviews the leader of AKATHA, the Mahaji, the 973rd Living SRAOSHA (Spiritual) Master, Sri Kahtifji. The interview consists of AKATHA introductory information along with keen insight into the teachings of AKATHA by this eminent spiritual Master. AKATHA is not a religion, new age teaching, philosophy, metaphysical science nor cult or occult teaching. It is simply the most direct way to God via Sahaji.

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    in Christianity

    Tonight  Elvi zapata will share with you what God has been showing him through dreams and visions regarding the end time,  what is about to happen in Israel and around the World.


    Time has run out as we know it, shalom

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    Heal Our Nations Spiritually

    in Spirituality

    Are you baffled by evil? Are you blaming the Creator for what is happening around the world or for a tragedy in your life? Have you lost faith in religion?
    At I.S.A.M., we are aware that religion has been responsible for wars, famine, diseases, deaths  and most importantly not aligning itself with the Holy Scriptures.
    Do you realize that there is a war; a spiritual war and there are some things that the Creator leaves up to us? We each have a role to play in this war?
    Apostasy is running rampant in America and in many other nations. As believers, we should speak out against the sins in our nations. Although not every person is unfaithful, the entire nation is affected by the sin fo others. We are praying that a spiritual change take place among people in our nations.
    Since August 12th, a remant of believers have been praying together every night for America, the people & for other nations.
    Will people follwo 2 Chronicles 7:14? Will you take the Heal Our Nations challenge? You can join the Heal Our Nations movement at www.HealOurNations.ning.com, Facebook @ HealOurNations or Twitter @HealOurNations.
    Many believers are joining I.S.A.M. in prayer and fasting for 3 days from September 10 to September 12, 2012. Will you join us?
    Will you join us as we fight against oppression? We are taking action for men, women, and children worldwide who have been randomly or intentionally selected as human subjects in medical experiments. Many have endured senseless torture with electromagnetic radiation. You can visit www.ICANHSR.tumblr.com (you can read press releases & general information) and www.YesToJustice.tumblr.com  ( you can watch videos & download recommended documents)
    If we don't stand up for justice now, it could be you and your family next?

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    Fairness Radio with Chuck and Patrick

    in Politics

    We are on vacation this week, but you can listen to one of our best shows of the year where we interview Bob Fu, named Pastor of China's Underground Railroad by the Wall Street Journal.  He tells us how he negotiated the release of blind lawyer and dissident Chen Guangcheng from China to the United States. Call in and talk to Bob about the thousands of underground volunteers he manages in China to blow the whistel on human rights violations and religious persecution. 1:15 pm ET Professor John Green talks to us in hour 2 about why Americans tell researchers from PEW that they are sick of politicians talking religion. Have the politicians noticed? President Obama and ex-governor Romney have. Rick Santorium on the other hand has not. A new concept in the opinion-driven world of talk radio,Fairness Radio is a daily two-hour on-line and on-air radio show that brings together two dynamic hosts from different sides of the country and different ends of the political spectrum with a shared dedication to entertaining radio. Conservative Chuck Morse and liberal Patrick OHeffernan interview national guests and experts ranging from Senator Jim DeMint to Howard Dean to explore news, politics and culture from all sides. With an international team experts from all sides of the political spectrum Fairness Radio covers the events of the world like no one else.


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