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What is the state of activism in America, your state and your community? People are busier now than ever before, or perhaps just more distracted. Phones, tablets and 3D TV's compete to keep us endlessly entertained. Is there a cost for... more

This week on Rap Sessions Radio we will cover a variety of topics including local election results and your feelings about the voting process as a whole, the tragic typhoon that hit the Phillapines and the recovery efforts there, and nationally the... more

Any of us who have been paying atttention is aware of how much damage humanity has done and continues to do to Mother Earth. Oil spills on land and in the oceans, floating islands of debris and bulging landfills have been around... more

Marvin Gaye's song Inner City Blues contains the famous line, ' makes me wanna holla and throw up both my hands '. If you look around today many of the things Marvin was talking about in his song are going on today. Now however, things... more

Many of us would not trade our college days for anything, it was a time of growing up, finding your purpose in life and for some meeting the love of your life. Now combine this common feeling with the very uncommon experience of attending... more

Now that the dust has settled from President Obama's re-election ( Or has it? ) how do we as a nation view his legacy so far? This president has faced never before seen opposition to his policies and his leadership. He is seemingly... more

When we were younger I'm sure most of us thought we would have found the love of our lives and settled down long before our 40th birthday. After all 40 is old right? In reality 40 is only old if you're not 40 yet! In reality our desire to love and... more

History tells us the Caesar fiddled while Rome burned; if we replace that fallen leader with modern day Republicans we have an appropriate analogy for our current government shutdown. Thousands of workers are on unpaid furlough and... more

An officer involved shooting is always news, what happened, was it justified, why didn't they just shoot him in the leg? As a former police officer and sheriff's deputy I have heard these questions many times and this week's episode of Rap... more

Gun ownership and gun violence are two of the hottest topics in our society today. The Second Amendment gives citizens of this country the right to bear arms, a right that has been in existence since the Constitution was formed,... more