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On this weeks show we take a look at the continuing investigation into the disappearance of Flight 370 and the reaction of the families of the missing passengers, and another devastating oil spill, this time off the Gulf coast of... more

On this weeks edition of Rap Sessions we will cover a variety of topics including the continued escalation of police brutality and corruption charges across the nation, the pressure of rising food and gas prices. Also locally another city park... more

A big misconception about men in reference to child support is that none of us want to pay and once the relationship with your child's mother goes bad all Brothers want to get as far away as possible. There are many who fit this... more

This is a time of wars and rumors of wars, and then there are rumors about the rumors of war. I know, I'm confused too, and herein lies the issue. How do you know what is true and what is propaganda? On its surface Russia's threats... more

Show setup to test co host connection and audio quality with both host and co host using Skype to dial in and micorphone headsets to communicate. Issue is co host being heard clearly by listening audience.

No, its not what you think, this topic is not a bigots dream but more like his worst nightmare. This is not a discussion about getting rid of people, it will be a discussion about getting rid of attitudes, behaviors and habits that cause Black... more

February was chosen by author and historian Carter G. Woodson as the time for the original Black History Week because it took so long for the news to get around to Black folks that slavery had been abolished. Mr. Woodson's book, The... more

What is the state of activism in America, your state and your community? People are busier now than ever before, or perhaps just more distracted. Phones, tablets and 3D TV's compete to keep us endlessly entertained. Is there a cost for... more

This week on Rap Sessions Radio we will cover a variety of topics including local election results and your feelings about the voting process as a whole, the tragic typhoon that hit the Phillapines and the recovery efforts there, and nationally the... more

Any of us who have been paying atttention is aware of how much damage humanity has done and continues to do to Mother Earth. Oil spills on land and in the oceans, floating islands of debris and bulging landfills have been around... more