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Talk show focusing on understanding of self as the foundation for all successful relationships

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Regardless of how you feel about gay marriage the Supreme Court has made it legal in all states, delighting some and outraging others. The argumensts are literally Biblical in proporttions on both sides of the the issue and the stage is set... more

Tonight's show will be a continuation of our discussion on Sunday's show, we will revisit the case of Walter Scott the unarmed Black man killed by a Tulsa County Sheriff's deputy. In our discussion we will attempt to examine the state of mind of... more

One of my favorite Bob Marley songs is So Much Trouble In The World, the song talks about all the differnt ills of the human race, poverty, government indifference and the destruction of the planet. But the song also talks about how simple the... more

Join us this Sunday, December 14th for ‘ How To Get Pulled Over ‘, a much needed discussion on how to safely interact with law enforcement officers. This will not be a guide on how to embarrass police officers or ‘ get over... more

It's true that the majority of Americans do not condone the murders of unarmed Black men but you'd never know it because most of them haven't said a damn thing. Join us for The Silent Majority on this week's episode of Rap Sessions... more

In the 1977 hit movie by this title Richard Pryor played multiple roles in the film, something still copied by other actors to this day. It had many twists and turns with simultaneous storylines and plot twists. It ends with Richard turning... more

After weeks of unrest and media defined ' uncertainty ' violence seems inevitable on Ferguson, Missouri and to a degree it seems planned. The national guard has been called out and literally thousands of law enforcement officers are there... more

Every man who has been in a serious relationship at some time in his life has heard those dreaded 4 words: we need to talk. The reason for this is that many times your woman wants to talk about something that is very serious to her but... more

There are always simultaneous tragedies in progress in the world, war, famine, natural disasters of all kinds. Mankind's new challenge is The Ebola Virus and it is dominating the news and the consciousness of the whole world. And as is the... more

In this day of the 24 hour news cycle and constant information flow it seems strange that in most cases one version of any story predominates all others, the infamous ' official story '. If you dare to present information contrary to this... more