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Rantus Politicus

Rantus Politicus


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Hard-hitting, full-contact, socio-political commentary from the mind and the mouth of "The Griz", Rob Browning. If you're sick of "political correctness" and unconstitutional, America-destroying politics, THIS IS YOUR SHOW. Welcome to the Revolution!

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For those who may not have received word that Rantus Politicus is now being aired via Rogue Broadcasting (Digital Rogue), here on Blog Talk Radio. This is a brief, fifteen minute show where I, your fearless host, The Griz, will kindly and... more

Source Article: http://www.longislandlawyerblog.com/mother-of-3-arrested-for-taking-pictures-of-tourist-attraction-at-airport Hey, Rantus Politicus fans! The above article is the inspiration for this week's... more

World history is riddled with events known as False Flag Operations. The term is derived from the days of pirate ships and privateers, coming to refer to any operation or mission undertaken for the purpose of misleading an intended... more

Stalin, Castro, Mussolini, and Hussein are among the well-known names of tyrants throughout history. Yet there are others, like Fidel and Raul Castro, Nicolae Ceausescu, Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier, and others, who's names may... more

There is a lot of talk of Martial Law soon being declared here in America, and a lot of fear and confusion associated with it. But what does Marshall Law truly bring with it? Who enforces it, and how? Who can declare it? Join me today, from... more

This week Rantus Politicus hosts Rob "The Griz" Browning, and America's most famous Militia man, Darren Huff, will be discussing gun ownership, and the use history of political violence in America. Are you a gun owner? How do you feel... more

This Saturday, January 15th, Rantus Politicus host Rob Browning, and Co-Host Darren Huff, will open up the phone lines to discuss the First Amendment rights surrounding the funeral protests conducted by the Westboro Baptist Church. Do... more

Hey, folks! Griz here! This week's show will feature a returning Co-Host: A man with an incredible knowledge of Biblical prophecy and Constitutional principles, Mr. Darren Huff! This Saturday, we'll be discussing the Four Horsemen of the... more

Hey, folks! Be sure and listen or call in this Saturday, December 18th, from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time as we talk about the ever-growing issue of RESPECT. How do you feel about respecting others, or how others show respect to you?... more

Howdy, folks! Be sure to tune in tomorrow evening (12-11-10) from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time to talk about the ever-important Bug out Bag! We'll discuss the items you MUST have, the items you should have, and other... more