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A call-in program where you can get answers to your Biblical, theological, and doctrinal questions.

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Each week Dr. Randy White studies the Bible, either in verse-by-verse fashion, or teaching a major Bible doctrine.
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Receive Biblical answers to your theological questions. Today is Open Line! Call Dr. White to ask your Biblical, doctrinal, or worldview questions.

This week Dr. White begins a verse-by-verse study of the Book of Hebrews.

Receive Biblical answers to your theological questions. Today Dr. White takes your calls on open line Tuesday!

This week Dr. White discusses the Biblical requirements for a bonafide offer of the Kingdom of God. To watch online, go to

In this episode: Hearing from God Is the Southern Baptist Convention conservative? Should we use the words of Christ as our standard of living? Is Kay Arthur's Precepts Bible study material good? Do you believe in presuppositional... more

In this online Bible study, Dr. Randy White will look at concerns with the very popular English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible. This is also availalbe in video by clicking here.

It's an open line program! Call us with your questions about the Bible, doctrine, or Biblical worldivew!

Dr. White will be live to take your questions about Biblical, doctrinal, church, or Biblical worldview issues.

Most churches spend half the worship service or more in music. Music, therefore, should be the subject of Biblical scrutiny. In this Online Bible Study, Dr. Randy White will look at lyrics (not style) of Christian music. From old favorite hymns... more

Receive Biblical answers to your theological questions. On this episode-- Is church membership Biblical? What is the future of the Southern Baptist Convention? Should we make a wish to St. Teresa of Avila?