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Prevalent topics mixed with controversial opinions, randumb conversation, and madcap antics. It all goes down in VAGTOWN! With your local Residents Lonye West, Christopher Cocaine, Shotta Dru, and Baby Ruth.

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Randumb-Radio will be on hideout until a few things are kinked out....we have to spruce up and spice up our repertoire. Check us back out soon...peace!

Happy Hanukkah? I don't care. Merry Christmas? ELF YOU, go home and vomit your mothers titnog. Get ready to jingle my balls while I DECK your walls, cuz it's gonna be some hoe hoe hoe's in the house tonight @ 9PM. Merry MUTHAF'N... more

Tiger has a couple of hos...SO WHAT? Why has our current generation been subject to more famous hos compared to black presidents? Have women found it easier to get on their knees compared to hitting the books?

SINCE BABY RUTH WAS UNABLE TO INPUT ON HER DESIRED TOPIC: WE WILL DISCUSS TONIGHT! What the heck is up with everyone screwin up their priorities nowadays. The latest cars, shoes, bags, clothing....whatever happened... more

What the heck is up with everyone screwin up their priorities nowadays. The latest cars, shoes, bags, clothing....whatever happened to quality of life and planning for your future. Will ur Gucci sneakers keep your rent paid? Do you even have... more

The net. This thing seems to be EVERYBODY'S best friend,and in some cases even people's nightmare. We can't go anywhere without it. It's in our phones, it's in our electronic devices...even our damn gaming systems. Wassup... more

Why is it that the American population uses racial slurs to distinguish between races? Chink...JAP...the "N" word...spic...and the list goes on and on. When will we knock it off? Why do we do it? Let's see what people think and what... more

What about your frieeeends, will they f you now? Will they blow you down? HEY HEEEEY! FRIENDS! How many of us bang them? FRIENDS! Ones that we can jizz on!

We all saw the movie, and don’t worry…we won’t talk about a muscular 40 somethin year old who tries to be cool again. When we say “Stella” we mean chicks that have husbands/boyfriends and go away and decide to have sex with... more

Have you ever been in love with someone else’s guy/girl? There are tons of songs on this topic so it must be the latest fad. Let’s find out what people have to say and hear from those who have fallen for someone that’s not theirs on tonight’s... more