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Title says it all. Open forum/creative space. Talking everything from politics to sketch comedy. Be sure to buckle up its gonna be a fun ride!

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Another week another RRR! There has been some developments lately on some the topics we have covered so far so we are going to take the time to bring you up to speed and I'm sure Extreme is going to share all his thoughts on the issues. If your new to the Revolution we will bring you up to speed and talk about the show its self and the direction we would like to go in the future. Be sure to check out Champion Talk tonight @ 8pm EST......... Viva La Revolution!
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The RRR crew is back at it again. And Extreme is in a better mood than the end of the last show, so it's time to have some fun! So join the Random Roller Coaster party before Champion Talk tonight (8 PM EST.). Random to the MAX! And Bad... more

Another week another weight on Extreme's shoulders. With the world melting down into WWIII time to hit the the pressure-release valve once again. If your a RRR fiend you know Extreme's mindset, but for all the new commers he... more

We're back at it again! Changing gears from the serious stuff so, join the RRR crew as we talk about our life experiences. Alot has happened in the World that has got Extreme down so its time to have some fun........... Including the... more

Welcome to the future! We have all heard about the unrest taking place in Freguson, Missouri now it's the RRR crew's turn to take on this hot topic. Are the Images coming out of Ferguson the future of America? Or are they just yet... more

There is alot going on in the world of child rearing these days. So the Random Radio Crew is taking their turn talking about the scourge of kids left in sealed ovens at your local grocrey store to parents being arrested for letting their kids... more

It's been awhile for the Random Radio crew and they're back with a vengence. So we will shake the cob-webs loose and see what falls out. Alot has happened since the last show so we will fill you in. Extreme has been beating you up-side your... more

What has happened to us? Everyone's got their panties in a bunch. Hyper-sensitivity has gripped society or just the ones who scream the loudest. Speak your mind and get shouted down or worse even get fired. Tolerence... more

Extreme can't catch a break....... Another week another touchy topic RACISM. We couldn't still have that problem in 2014 could we? Are we all racists? Is racism a two-way street? Can we move past this? Interesting questions..... all covered... more

Just wanted to take a few minutes and go over some of the topics covered on the Random Radio Revolution. Extreme's going it alone this time. Should be interesting to say the least. So join him on his first solo show and see what's... more

Welcome to the future.....Or what's left of it. Government spying on innocent americans, Cops killing unarmed men who's only thought is to get away from these thugs with guns, Edward Snowden standing up to tyranny, and the... more