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Each day I am going to pick a different topic to ramble about. I am also going to promote my thoughts and writings. I want the peoples input.

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Is life a reality, or is it just a dream of epic proportions? Are we really here doing things we love or dislike? Is the reality of it all that it is all just a dream or in some cases a nightmare?

My most recent blog at Wordpress...boomersperch@wordpress.com is abput the prusuit of perfection and why I believe we may or may not pursue it. Would love to hear your feed back on what drives you to perfection, or what it is that holds you... more

I want to ramble on about the responsiblity of the public. Especially when related to our children. Also I want to address the entitlement issue I believe is plaguing this country.

I am going to ramble about/against the art of making religious wars look right. Why money should be obsolete. Why the big business does not want to cure cancer. Last but least who really started Al Queda. Greed, Greed, and more... more

The first half of the show I want to rant about the shut down, and how pathetic I feel it is. What a waste of our time and effort over the last three decades or more. The second half of the show, if there is time, I want to use discussing... more

I have been reading a book about mythology and have found the foundation to many a belief of the modern day. Is it strictly coincidence or is it something that has been passed down form generation to generation?

Another chapter I have decided to add to the book "The Thin Line". 'Greed VS Gluttony' I know the main difference is supposed to be one is about money the other based on food. But are they really different, or, are they the exact same... more

Faith trust and respect who desires it and who deserves it. Who earns it and who doesn't.

Here it is, the afternoon version of Friday's morning show. A continuation of the rants and ramblings from my wordpress blog.

This is just going to be a re-cap of some of the things I have talked about before. Here and in my blog "boomersperch@wordpress.com. Some of it will be light hearted stabs at instructions and why we refuse to follow them. Others will be... more