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Monday's council meeting did a few things that we as a community need to take note of 1) Council President Julio Tavares attempted to through his political weight around using racism and bigotry in an attempt to further his deck stacking abilities to hispanicly over take city hall. 2) Julio Tavares the Councilman and Julio the Council President who inadvertantly are the same person has his own agenda that just does not fit in the needed political structure in Paterson.. 3) Because of some desperate tactics that backfired Council President showed his already somewhat exposed hand and we as a city, as a community as voters and constituents will no longer stand for it therefor the movement to have JULIO TAVARES removed has to take place... NOW!!!!!!!!!

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Tonight Chat with Charity about School, Sports and Whats Crazy? Charity will also be talking about the New Movie ANNIE coming out next week and What do you want for Christmas

Anthony "Ebony" Davis Councilman of the 1st Ward turned in his resignation agter pleading guilty to Bribry charges in federal court leaving the city in a political quandry. Remarks from Davis: ?I made an inexcusable mistake,? said Davis,... more

We will discuss the inhumane treatment of mentally ill inmates in the Florida DOC. George Mallinckrodt worked in the Transitional Care Unit at The Dade Correctional Institution. He is an author and wrote the book "Getting Away With... more

The show at Planet 301 was a success and Thanksgiving is gone, now it is time for Charity to do her thing... There is a lot to talk about from the past few weeks and Charity will hit it all. School, grades,homework,after-school programs and... more

Monday on The Talk of the Town the discussion was Joey Torres and his first 150+ days in office, tonight in The Ruckus Room Ernest and Brent will finish the conversation. The questions still remain the same, what has 150 days of Joey... more

Mayor Torres has been in office just orver 150 days and he has made some noise, there are a lot of controversal decisions made by the Mayor that does not sit right with the public, The black community sits in review of 5 months... more

This week has been hell on the mind in Paterson N.J. and around the country, first there was the NAACP election for the Paterson chapter, then there was the decision not to indict Darren Wilson in Ferguson Mo for the murder of Mike... more

The Paterson chapter election is tonight at 6pm at St. Lukes Church in Paterson N.J. and the crowning of a president is the order. Because we cannot broadcast live from St. Lukes we will repeat an earlier show. If you are a member of the... more

1.) We will discuss Texas death row, two cases, and the conditions there. Although the goal of every justice system is to provide fair and impartial judgements (ok, almost every justice system), more often than one would like to... more
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