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Charity is an inspiring dancer, actress and now America's newest personality. She is a gifted and talented young lady who has won the hearts on many.She is an honor student at the Paterson Charter School of Science and Technology Elementary School. Charity has danced with the renowned Dance Design Dance Company, Kingdom Kids Dance Ministries and NJ Performing Arts Center Dance Program. Her acting career includes The stage play "The Walls Between Us" and the "Wizdome of OZ" and "Behind Closes Doors". Charity's film includes "Striving" and "UMI" both directed by Jamal Hall. Recently in an interview with NBC News she showed off her new found love of television. Charity has won the hearts of many. With her new adventure of her talk show "Chat with Charity". Her admirations came about when her idol Oprah Winfrey annonced that she was retiring, Charity took out a pen and paper and the rest is about to become history. Her show is different and original, never before has there been a child with and old soul interviewing celebrities tell there stories. Her concept is to share stories on the set but also go out and get the info and bring it back. She wants to get in the heat of her issues by displaying them on film and on stage. Charity was a twin to her late brother Charod Wilder. She is also a Co-founder of the Charod Arts Foundation in his memory. She is always speaking to the masses about kind acts to others and keep the world green. This past March 2014 Charity was honor at Paterson, NJ Black Girls the Rock. So America get ready to " Chat with Charity"! Charity's vision is that "A dream is only reality waiting to happen". Charity believes that children have a voice but often its goes unheard she wants to be the voice of her peers and show that they too can make a difference in this world. The Bible said "and a child shall lead them".
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Monday was the start of the Latino Business Men's Association Roundtable, tonight Ernest Rucker Jr. will continue the conversation with Quilvio Montesino along with Jesus R. Castro, Lydia Robles and more. You don't want to miss the... more

Tonight we will hear from the both sides of the Curfew Ordinance , the business men have their issues with the ordinance in regards to their businesses and the community has their issues with the businesses and the ordinance. Is the list of... more

Tonight Pam Degand will be joined by a special co-host Charity Wilder-Fischer along with Kevin W. Womble and our special guest is Publisher and Author Heddrick McBride of McBride Stories Collection Mr. McBride will be our guest... more

This is episode six in the CwCS and we are about to turn it up, stay tuned in because we have a few tricks up our sleeve that will set it off up in here..

Once again the issue is the Curfew/Ordinance , the Hispanic Businessmen have developed a business association as to form some type of unity between business owners and are willing to take steps to relate and work with the community.... more

For those who don't know it, gang life is not a thing of the past.. There are many risks associated with gang membership including exposure to violent crime, and possible incarceration. Why are so many adolescents willing to join? Several risk... more

Chat with Charity takes a look at the city of Paterson from the younger generations perspective, the problems that are present and the problems that are a head. How does what is going on in the city affect the youth in our... more

Part two of the Faith Based Round Table Tonight Brent and Ernie will continue the conversation of faith, guns and Paterson N.J. The death toll rises as two more shootings take place in the city over the weekend, one fatal and one non fatal.... more

The one voice that is needed in this time of struggle is from the faith based community. Join Brent and Ernest as they discuss the crisis in Paterson and why the church is a needed element in the reconditioning of the black community.
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