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The Rainmaker discusses Italian Football... Serie A, B, C & the Coppa Italia

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Exclusive show for Thursday's Serie B Matches

With only 6 Fixtures left in the Serie A Season, the time is now to finish the year on winning terms. Plenty of Serie B left to go though with a playoff looming so let's turn it on and Make it Rain!

Another big weekend means another weekend with the Rainmaker getting you covered in Italy! Enjoy the show !!

Yet another segment of Italian Football Weekly coming up from the Rainmaker. 3 Tiers of Football in Italy covered today.

Ej the Rainmaker comes at you again with another weekend of action. 1 of 3 segments this week due to mid week fixtures so there will be 3 shows in 8 days. You know who has you covered in Italy, so ... you are now listening ... to the... more

Ej is back at it again throwing you the plays in Italy for 3 Tiers of Italian Football. Now fully sponsored by Diamond Sportsbook. Let's make some rain this weekend!!

You know what time it is!! The Rainmaker comes at you after a mighty strong weekend, which was followed up with an Added play on Savona that cashed as well for my listeners/members who follow me on my Rainmaker page. Another... more

Yes he is back, but no one can see it so there is no point to typing much here because it will be a private episode that only a handful of people will get to listen to until the weekend is over and the last play availabe has started or... more

Ciao A Tutti, Benevenuti Al Rainmaker Radio Show, and once again ... Welcome to Italian Football Weekly with your host Ej. Another full slate of action in 4 tiers of Italian Football so let's get to what you need to know!!

Once again ... Welcome to Italian Football Weekly on BTR. Full slates of action in all the tiers of Italy and the Rainmaker is here to get you your action for the weekend!!