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Welcome to Rainbow Vision Network hosted by renowned international psychic-medium Betsey Lewis. This show features best selling authors and well-known authors on metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal and motivational topics. At Rainbow Vision Network we present a variety of fascinating subjects to stimulate your mind. Enjoy the shows! With Love and Light, Betsey Lewis

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Have you ever wished that you had chosen a different path in life? Still looking for your passion in life? Author BJ Gallagher's new book, It's Never Too Late To Become What You Might Have Been, takes this famous line from George Eliot and relates to life-changing tales of overcoming limitations and gives us the steps necessary to achieve the life we've always dreamed of, but never quite obtained. BJ asks, Why not Live a Life you Love? She tells us how we can with great advice, step-by-step guidelines and pure inspiration. BJ is a workplace consultant, author, and motivational speaker. Her international business best-seller, A Peacock in the Land of Penguins sold over 360,000 copies in 23 languages. She's been a regular Huffington Post contributor, featured on CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer, the Today Show with Matt Lauer, Fox News, PBS, CNN, and other television and radio programs. She has appeared several times in the Los Angeles Times and New York Times newspapers. In addition to writing books, BJ conducts seminars and delivers keynotes at conferences and professional meetings across the country, She writes books to educate, inspire and empower women. Authored Books: Friends, being Buddha at Work, If God is Your Co-Pilot-Switch Seats, The Road to Happiness, Where Would I be Without You,Why Don't I do the Things I know are Good for Me, The World's Best Advice from the World's Wisest Women, and The Best Way Out is Always Through the Power of Perserverance. Website: www.bjgallagher.com Also visit www.peacockproductions.com
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Producer, author, activist, visionary, intuitive, founder of the Global Illumination Council, popular radio and television personality, teacher, and healer, Bernard Alvarez joins the show to discuss his new book, The Book of One: Returning to... more

Ancient people understood with Earth energies, which is why sacred sites were placed in certain locations worldwide. Israeli author Richard Benishai joins Betsey to discuss his new book, Mission:Mother Earth--Peace Through Geobiology.... more

Crop circles have long been a mystery, but three consecutive diamond-cross formations that appeared in the summer of 2013 over a period of two days provided the answer to a long-held question, Are we alone in the universe.... more

Betsey welcomes Solaris BlueRaven, a published author, psychic, talk show host, telepath, MT healer, producer, editor and public speaker with a professional background in psychotronic related covert technology, surveillance and... more

You've probably seen him on countless TV documentaries or heard him on well-known radio talk shows--that's John Hogue, who defines himself as a "Rogue" Scholar. He is a world-renowned authority on Nostradamus and other... more

Best selling author, lecturer, secret space program researcher and TV and radio personality Mike Bara returns to Rainbow Vision Network to discuss his latest book, Ancient Aliens on Mars, on Martian structures photographed by NASA... more

Book: Ready for Air: A Journey Through Premature Motherhood No woman dreams of having a premature baby when she becomes pregnant. Whether she imagines a home or hospital birth, the imagined outcome is always the same: a... more

Our planet is rapidly changing and now everyone is being affected. There are no guarantees of stability or safety, so you need to be prepared, for your sake and for your loved ones. We now face terrorism, global climate weirding and new... more

Global warming, thinning ozone, disappearing resources and overpopulation threaten Mother Earth and mankind. Using story, history, and personal anecdotes, in Ed McGaa's (Eagle Man) new book, Spiritiuality for America: Earth Saving... more

Contagious Optimism by David Mezzapelle, now a bestseller, is an uplifting book series that helps people look past the tough times they may be experiencing and instead see that there is always something positive ahead of them. Show times:... more
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