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Since April 2009 Rainbow Vision Network, hosted by renowned international psychic-medium Betsey Lewis, has featured best-selling and well-known authors on a variety of topics: the paranormal, spiritual, astrology, Native American spirituality,true life and inspirational stories, astrology and more. At Rainbow Vision Network we cover everything to stimulate your mind. Enjoy the shows! With Love and Light, Betsey Lewis

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Swiss farmer Billy Meier is probably one of the most puzzling and enigmatic of extraterrestrial contactees. He has been in contact with the Plejarens, advanced extraterrestrials, for years and they have allowed Billy to accumulate a large photo and video collection of their beamships. Billy has been given astonishing predictions through the years that continue to prove accurate. Discover what Billy has been told about our times. Michael Horn joins the show to discuss his long-time friend. Michael Horn has been the American media representative on the Billy Meier contacts for over 30 years and is the authorized representative for the book on the Meier case, And Still They Fly. He is also the writer and producer of the award-winning feature length documentary, THE SILENT REVOLUTION OF TRUTH, and he's the writer-producer and narrator of the DVD, THE MEIER CONTACTS--The Key to Our Future Survival. Michael Horn's website: www.TheyFly.com Scientist talks about Billy's prediction of Russian troop movement on YouTube.
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Justine Alessi, one of the most amazing Tarot Card Readers around and deserves the title TAROT MASTER, will be my guest Fri., Nov. 13 from 5PM-6:30PM, MST. Client Robert "Bob-O" Essig says, "Justine always said my family would have... more

Get ready--Author/Channeler/Counselor Catherine Richardson, Ph.D. returns Saturday, March 27 at 5PM MDT (SORRY, NO PSYCHIC READINGS). She's an amazing woman with an amazing story that transformed her life. What would... more

Earth Mysteries Author/UFO Investigator Ann Druffel returns Sat., March 20, 5PM-6:30PM MDT, to talk about two of the three books she co-authored with world famous psychic Armand Marcotte, PAST LIVES, FUTURE GROWTH and... more

MICHAEL HORN, the American Media Representative for the Billy Meier contacts, will return on March 13 at 5PM MST to talk about the ancient scrolls Billy Meier found with a Greek Catholic Priest in 1963--Jerusalem. The scrolls wrapped in... more

Sedona's Master Astrologer Bill Hedrick returns for his March monthly astrological update at 5PM MST. He'll update us on the FULL MOON, NEW MOON, eclipses as we enter the sign of Pisces--great news for this sign! We'll talk about... more

Heather Woodward, author, clairvoyant, an “accidental” medium,and a psychometrist, returns on Saturday, Jan. 27 at 4PM MST, to teach us practical psychic development, tell us more about her new book, GHOSTS OF... more

The late great psychic Edgar Cayce predicted a subterranean temple exists under Egypt's Sphinx with records of Atlantis, and my guest, a modern day Indiana Jones, Author Andrew Collins has discovered a vast tunnel system under... more

You've heard MICHAEL HORN on Coast to Coast, Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier contacts, will be my guest at 4:00PM MST. Michael has been researching the Billy Meier UFO Contacts for over 25 years... more

"A question that will be asked is why I am willing to teach non-Indians about Native American spirituality and about my own spiritual experiences. I believe, like Fools Crow, Eagle Feather, and a host of other traditional peoples, that it is time... more

Heather Woodward, author, clairvoyant, an “accidental” medium,and a psychometrist, will be my guest at 5PM MST, talking about her fascinating new book and giving LIVE tarot readings. Since 1996, she has performed tarot... more
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