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Welcome to Rainbow Vision Network hosted by renowned international psychic/medium Betsey Lewis. This show features best selling authors and well-known authors on metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal and motivational topics. At Rainbow Vision Network we present a variety of fascinating subjects to stimulate your mind. Enjoy the shows! With Love and Light, Betsey Lewis

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James Swagger was first introduced to topical science writing for a historical mysteries magazine in Ireland. James trained as a Systems Analyst in the energy industry. He has a Masters degree in engineering, a Bachelors degree... more
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The Great Pyramid of Giza, sometimes called the Pyramid of Khufu, or the Cheops Pyramid, is truly one of the most amazing mysteries on Earth. This is the definitive breakthrough study of how it was built. It is huge, and it was built with... more

The Great Cosmic Cardinal Cross will take place around April 23-24, 2014, creating the perfect formation for the "Return of Christ," according to Astrosophists. Also, intensifying the energy of the Cardinal Cross will be the... more

Producer, author, activist, visionary, intuitive, founder of the Global Illumination Council, popular radio and television personality, teacher, and healer, Bernard Alvarez joins the show to discuss his new book, The Book of One: Returning to... more

Ancient people understood with Earth energies, which is why sacred sites were placed in certain locations worldwide. Israeli author Richard Benishai joins Betsey to discuss his new book, Mission:Mother Earth--Peace Through Geobiology.... more

Crop circles have long been a mystery, but three consecutive diamond-cross formations that appeared in the summer of 2013 over a period of two days provided the answer to a long-held question, Are we alone in the universe.... more

Betsey welcomes Solaris BlueRaven, a published author, psychic, talk show host, telepath, MT healer, producer, editor and public speaker with a professional background in psychotronic related covert technology, surveillance and... more

You've probably seen him on countless TV documentaries or heard him on well-known radio talk shows--that's John Hogue, who defines himself as a "Rogue" Scholar. He is a world-renowned authority on Nostradamus and other... more

Best selling author, lecturer, secret space program researcher and TV and radio personality Mike Bara returns to Rainbow Vision Network to discuss his latest book, Ancient Aliens on Mars, on Martian structures photographed by NASA... more

This true story will change the way you view UFO reports and alien abduction stories. It all began November 1990 while award-winning writer Ron Felber was on a business trip to Southern California when a long-time associate... more
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