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Who were the founders of what we have been led to know as an organization that is SUPPOSED to help the African People in America:

By the way in my opinion this group was created to put a cap on our true upliftment.

Mary Ovington did conceive of the NAACP (her name for it, according to the book Chronological History of the Negro, was originally called National Committee for the Advancement of the Negro Race). It was Miss Ovington (she was a lifelong spinster) who, along with Oswald Garrison Villard and William English Walling (both white males), on Feb. 12, 1909, sent out the "Call" to everyone they believed would be supportive of an organization that would provide blacks a new direction: integration.

Between Feb. 12, 1909, and May 1910, the future NAACP organizers held two conferences in New York City. Without question, the purpose of the first conference, which was attended by many blacks, was a desire on the part of the white organizers to see if blacks would be a receptive to the new integration agenda; and perhaps more importantly, would not protest against the societal anomaly they were suggesting. After all, integration was a complete contradiction to what currently did exist. And blacks never once marched in protest against the current living arrangements.

The first conference did allay the worries of the white organizers of black resistance.

Thus was borne the concept of racial integration, never before practiced or even conceived of in human history (W.E.B. DuBois' Niagara Movement consisted of a number of prominent black males numbering from 12 to 27 [true figure unknown] who did issue a statement demanding that white Americans commit to race-nullification, among other things. There were three meeting between 1906 and 1908, none of which amounted to anything).

As with all new and revolutionary ideas, integration was overwhelming rejected by the group that was going to be targeted for integration: the numerically and culturally dominant white population. In fact, so ingrained was the thought from virtual all the white population that blacks should be separate, and thereby achieve a feeling of self-reliance and empowerment as a people (Booker T. Washington's desire and pursuit) that not one single philanthropist of the day would donate a dollar to help the NAACP through its formative years.

It is often stated that the NAACP was created out of the 1908 Springfield, Ill. riot, in which whites rioted because of attacks by a couple of black males on their race (a white male had found a black male intruder in his daughter's bedroom, gave chase and was killed during a struggle). It was clearly an ugly riot and surely the white population did desire to drive the blacks from the city. Two blacks were lynched. However, using this event to launch an organization advocating "integration" of the races as a way to improve relations between the two races just doesn't ring true. Why launch an organization which desires to integrate blacks into omnipresent hate and bigotry?

One thing was very clear to both the creators of the NAACP and the black race, particularly in the urban areas: since it was the white population that created all the urban centers, which were beginning to attract more and more blacks, and white people were also the creators of all the industries, it was they who were going have to be convinced that the new integration agenda for the black race was a legitimate one.

When the NAACP's Executive Committee was created in 1910 (with this committee rested all the power and decision making), only one member of this committee was a Negro: W.E.B. DuBois. Mr. DuBois was given the title of director of publicity and research. DuBois' main duty was to be editor of the Crisis magazine (Miss Ovington's own recounting of the making of the NAACP, she implies she persuaded Dubois to join the organization after it was already established).

W.E.B. DuBois does deserve all the credit for disseminating - thru the Crisis - the new concept of integration; and creating the belief in the mind of the urban black man that he did have a Constitutional right to receive - what no male group had ever received in all of human history - integration rights into another male group's established society (primarily thru the controversially created 14th and 15th Amendments - amendments only achieved by the expulsion of the southern states). By 1917, most northern urban black newspapers were following the lead of the Crisis and also demanding that integration was a legitimate right among their people.

It's not stated in any NAACP literature what percent of the total NAACP membership was black when it first formed. The overwhelming majority of the early members (1910 to 1914) were likely white and Christian.

Unfortunately, very few if any websites across the internet give a true and unbiased accounting of the formation of the NAACP, as well as the operation of it during its early years.

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