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Stones, Stars and Psychic Readings


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Lou Raedwulfe is an experienced esoteric practitioner who provides metalphysical guidance to one and all

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When you have the potent psychical blend of the Ides of March, St. Patrick's Day and the arrival of the Vernal Equinox within a five day period, the cosmic impact on personal relationships, love and romance, and situaions on the... more

St. Valentine's Day is a time of hearts, flowers, sweetness, and romance. This year Cupid's Day is enhanced by having a Full Moon to illuminate the feelings and desires of lovers, those seeking love, and those whose relationships may have... more

With the holiday season behind us, attention is now focused on the New Year of 2014 and what may be waiting for us in the weeks and months ahead. Understanding the astral and psychic energies that will be impacting both... more

The Winter Solstice is much more than the official start of the winter season. Its meaning and impact are both timeless and profound. Even in the digital world of the 21st Century, the power and symbolism contained in the Solstice... more

With the Winter Holidays just around the corner, everyone is focusing on what kind of presents may await under the Christmas/Solstice tree. Will this be a time of of mistletoe or lumps of coal? Will the "gifts" be those to treasure or ones... more

With the approach of the holiday season, love and relationships become as important as Thanksgiving Turkey and Xmas shopping. Trying to find that "special someone" can be as challenging as picking out the perfect gift. Even if you are... more

With the last solar eclipse of the year just two days away, examining the potency of this celestial event, some of the legends surrounding it and the potential impact that it could have on both world events and more personal, romantic matters is... more

This Friday is the last lunar eclipse of the year. Eclipses have always had a powerful impact on human interaction and events. The course of destinly in matters of love and romance can certainly be impacted when Luna's bright face... more

With the "always on" 24//7/365 social media cycle playing an ever-larger part in how we connect (and with who), finding one's "soul mate" can be more challenging than ever before. This week Lou Raedwulfe discusses dealing with... more

Join the conversation as the discussion focuses on romantic relattionships during this time of transitiion. How do you tell if he's "Mr. Right" or just "Mr. Right Now"? Lou Raedwulfe will explore how psychic hints and intuitive clues can provide... more