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Current Events, thoughts and a soap box for ideas involving Independent American values and Constitutional principles

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Its that time again. To look at the world and the events of the day and to discuss them without concern for offense. Political Correctness is the disease the permeats our society and makes communicaton between us problematic. If we remain divided we will surely be destroyed. Join me for a no holds barred review of the events and people that make our world the place it is. Have you been holding it in? Wouldn't you like to put things in place? Its My World You Just Live In It. The Warren Markowitz Show Like us on facebook.com/radiomarkowitz Follow us on Twitter, twitter.com/radiomarkowitz The Warren Markowitz Show, A soap box for Independent Ideas, current events and politics of the day.
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On this day-1 day, 100 yrs ago, the world erupted in war. The start of histories deadliest family feud erupted throughout Europe engulfing everything in is path; are we on the road to that again? Can we look at the events and fighting... more

Its Politically Incorrect Friday- July 25th 2014- Its time to review the events of the week and discuss them with a no holds barred approach. We are going to offend, we are going to insult and we are going to open the eyes of the blind. Join me... more

I recently heard a good joke, allow me to share it with you. What do you call a person that doesn't take a civil service test but still works for the govenment? Answer; a Taxpayer. So with that in mind, how do we approach the thousands of... more

It's that time again, its Politically Incorrect Friday, a rapidly developing tradition on the Warren Markowitz Show. With events of the last week providing fodder for the conversation, join me to discuss and investigate the oblivious comments and... more

Its the 4th of Jul 2014, and its Political Incorrect Friday. From the steps of the White House to the streets of the American Cities, when did disrespecting people becoming the common place. Its a new year in the American Experiment and... more

Its amazing, its astounding but its no bullshit. George Carlin used that to describe events so shocking that one would ask, what going on? President Obama, on the other hand is taking matters into his own hands. Making decisions more often... more

What do you get when your very existence is governed by a beauraucrat? You get America as it is developing today. From the freedom of making bad decisions to the government making the right choices for you, we are slowly slipping into... more

At what point do you turn to yourself and recognize that every time a government representative speaks its a lie? When do we make the changes in our lives and remove, replace or at the very least stop the negative impact on our way of life... more

Its time for Politically Incorrect Friday. Time and Time again, we find ourselves reading or hearng about news stories and asking, "What they %$#$"? So today lets talk about some of these stories and see where we as a society can go... more

Lets talk Foreign Policy, American Greatness, Leadership and all that Jazz. What happens when the world no longer has a responsible party? When the children of the neighborhood find out that the old man on the corner that knows... more