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Current Events, thoughts and a soap box for ideas involving Independent American values and Constitutional principles

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Live replay of Dec 18th 2014- KLAV Politically Incorrect with Warren Markowitz, Its My World You Just Live In It. The Warren Markowitz Show, A soap box for Independent Ideas, current events and politics of the day. Join me for a no holds barred review of the events and people that make our world the place it is. Have you been holding it in? Wouldn't you like to put things in place? Podcasts at Galtspeaks.com Contact at Radio@galtspeaks.com Twitter.com/radiomarkowitz Facebook.com/radiomarkowitz Spreaker-http://www.spreaker.com/user/radiomarkowitz Support the podcast, use the next level of autonomy, cryptocurrency: BTC: 1Azen7A8rsEwQ84SCB3ZsbuYALpNCGgqNc
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So what has happened to the terrorists plaguing our world? Where o where have they gone? With attacks in diverse places as Australia and Pakistan, are we to forget the events of the world as we approach the New Year, Hanukkah and... more

So what do you get when you wake up and discover that nothing makes sense anymore? That extending ones hand of friendship and understanding is bitten off by the otherside, or that doing ones job means offending anothe person. Or,... more

From Ferguson to NYC to Washington DC, our society seems to be ripping itself apart as the systems and processes we have come to rely on are failing at an alarming rate. How can we make sense of things when the blind and politically... more

From illegal immigration to feeling and empathizing with our enemies it appears that the BHO administration and its followers are working towards continuing to undermine our position on the world stage. Even after the defeat the Dems took... more

What do you get when you work to make ends meet but find yourself with more month and the end of the money? Jobs, riots,race relations and debt are the items we talk about today. Working towards resolution of these problems are on our... more

The Warren Markowitz Show, A soap box for Independent Ideas, current events and politics of the day. Its time for Politically Incorrect Friday. Time and Time again, we find ourselves reading or hearng about news stories and asking,... more

Its Thanksgiving 2014, the Ferguson Riots, Illegal Immigration and the Economy are fresh in our minds. We join today to remember and honor what is good and what we are thankful for, but we must remember that we are the important ones... more

The Grand Jury has deliberated, the decision has been made, yet people still cry for justice. So we ask ourselves what is justice? Is it the political indictment of a man or the lynching of an innocent? The events that followed the... more

President Obama dropped the proverbial show last nigh as he annnonced his plan to light a fire under Congresses' ass to address the failed immigration system. Through the use of the pen and the phone our President (Emporer?) is about to... more

With the decision of the Grand Jury in Ferguson Mo on the horizon and the President maintaining his threatening stance on deferring action against an anticipated 5 million illegals, we turn our discussion again to the one thing that... more