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The School Lunch Program was supposed to be for the benefit of the students. To provide nutrition to those unable to provide for themselves, and to make sure that no student was hungry and distracted during the school day. The idea was... more

That's right, its Friday and today we talk about the Politically Incorrect topics that make your skin crawl, or just simply leave you thinking, what the $##!!. From voting rights, jury participation, to bottled water, we look into the confusion and... more

When does education go from learning the core of functioning in a civilized society to governmental indoctrination? More then once in the last decade, we have been told that our children are learning or being taught at a level that is... more

What do you get when you combine self-hatred and fear? The answer is simple, you get the balance and mix that combine to promote victimization. If we are all victims then we can not change the path down which we travel. If we recognize... more

The events of the prior week should be used to open our eyes to the undermining of our own society. Terror, or the use use of violence to further political means, is now a part of American society. Brought into our lives from influences from the... more

What do you get when you add expanded background checks, mental health issues and a real desire to reduce gun related violence? The answer may disturb you; but then again you may realize that the answer is not the simple solution... more

Whatever the meaning, saying and meaning what we say are important factors in the political discourse. From the 7 dirty words made famous by George Carlin to the politically correct activities that remove others from the common lexicon in... more

When it comes down to it what can gun control actually accomplish? The history of gun confiscation in Europe and Australia directly shows that the removal of firearms from the law abiding leave a society subject to the lawless. So, what... more

Join the supporters of liberty and freedom as we discuss how to influence the legistlature and work to protect the very foundations that are the cornerstones of our Republic. Janine Hansen provides an informative and... more

Gay Marriage. Is it morals or law, bible or society? Whose choice is it really and why is it such a problem. Join me today as I discuss the principles as I see them, and how and why this noise in our society has failed to lead us to a conclusion.... more