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  • GOP Obamacare Debacle, Scaramucci's Loose Screw, Politics Plunge NFL Ratings

    in Politics

    Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America condemn Republican Senators John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski for failing to deliver on their campaign promises to repeal and replace Obamacare during a vote late Thursday night, while also stressing the mistakes made by GOP leaders and the major flaws in the "skinny repeal".  Jim mocks new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci for threats and vulgar comments about his colleagues, underscoring already fractious conditions in the new administration.  In an attempt to end the week on a good note, Jim and Greg discuss a new poll showing that more fans stopped watching the NFL last season because of the national anthem protests than for any other reason.

  • The Chad Benson Show 03-14-17 H1

    in News

    WH says CBO numbers on health care bill are wrong. Urban Word of the Day. Kids removed from event for wearing Red, White and Blue.

  • Captain Jerry Yellin

    in History

    Captain Jerry Yellin has the unique distinction of flying the first and last combat missions over Japan during the Second World War. He spent the majority of the war with the 78th Fighter Squadron, flying the P-40, P-47, and P-51. Captain Yellin passed away on December 21, 2017. This video is in memoriam to help ensure his legacy lives on. 

  • The Keys to a Launching a Successful Online Business

    in Entrepreneur

    The good news is you can start an online business within hours.  The bad news is that anyone else can do it too, so how can you prepare for success?  Small Biz Lady Melinda Emerson explains why a good business plan is the best place to start and what priorities ought to be in that plan.  Emerson also points out where to find help for establishing your formal business entity and taking care of other important legal requirements.  She also offers advice on how to stand out from the crowd by providing an excellent customer experience on the very first day.

  • Episode 61: The Casablanca Meeting

    in History

    On January 14, 1943, President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill met at Casablanca in Morocco in the first of a series of wartime summits. It marked the first time a sitting President left the United States in a time of war. The Allies agreed that an invasion of Sicily would be the next operation in the European Theater, in addition to strategic bombing missions. On January 24, Roosevelt announced the Allied policy of unconditional surrender. 

  • Dec 02-03: Insurance, Car-Swapping, and the Meaning of Christmas

    in Finance

    Laura Adams (InsuranceQuotes.Com); Scott Hall (SwapALease.Com); Dr Howard Edington, author, "The Forgotten Man of Christmas"

  • Mo' Mueller! The State of Journalism; and Primary Results

    in News

    Guests: Megan Barth; Dr. Harlan Ullman; Rick Amato and Greg Corombos.

  • Calorie count on menus

    in Health

    If you missed the Dr. Bob show today, you missed a lot. The doctor talks about calorie count on menus, staying healthy while traveling & more!

  • America’s Antiquated Air Traffic Control System

    in Management

    Did you know when you text someone that you’ve landed at the airport, you’re using far more advanced technology than your plane’s air traffic controller?  It’s a shameful fact that some of the methods they rely on today have not changed since the 1930’s. Over 60 countries – including all the developed nations - have modernized their systems but ours is stuck in the past thanks to politics and special interest turf wars.
    To find out why, I asked Bob Poole.  Bob is America's foremost expert on private sector solutions to transportation issues. He’s advised virtually every presidential administration since Ronald Reagan’s and is the founder of and director of transportation policy at Reason Foundation.
    A better, safer air traffic control system could be right at our fingertips and the controllers themselves want those changes to happen. But progress is in a holding pattern until we demand that Congress act. Enough is enough.
    Join us as we discuss common sense solutions to this long-neglected problem.

  • "Not You Too, Morgan Freeman!" and other topics

    in Politics Conservative

    Morgan Freeman, Affordable Housing in L.A., Deep State AGainst TRump, Upcoming AG Report, Leukemia Update, 2-Party Solution, Commencement and Politics, Handwriting Expert, Benefits of Fasting

  • Gary speaks with Dr. Deane Waldman and Dan Mitchell

    in Politics

    Dr. Deane Waldman, Texas Public Policy, talks about Congress hand health care reform. Price gouging after Florida hurricane. Dan Mitchell, Chairman-Center for Freddom and Prosperity, talks about GOP and tax reform.

  • Helping Kids Cope with the Realities of School Violence

    in Moms and Family

    Guests: Jena Pincott; Nicole Thibault; Erin Odom; Dr Kate Lund; & Dr. Scott Shamblott

  • The Walls Close In..on Trump or Deep State?

    in Politics

    Guest Scott Cosenza

  • Made in America June 3rd 2018

    in Politics Conservative

    Made in Made in America June 3rd 2018

  • The National Defense as we welcome esteemed actor and founder of the Tribeca Fil

    in Military

    It’s another exciting week on The National Defense as we welcome esteemed actor and founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, Robert De Niro, to the show!  Mr. De Niro speaks about his career, the 17th year of his famous film festival, and gives a special greeting to all our active duty military members serving around the world.  Randy and Jerry also talk with Melissa Comeau, Director at the American Red Cross’ Military Veteran Caregiver Network.  Melissa is a caregiver to a veteran as well and speaks about the daily challenges that go into being a caregiver for the wounded, ill, and injured.  That’s all this week on The National Defense!

  • Mueller's End! Inside Mueller's Grand Juries -- Who Will Be Indicted?

    in Politics


  • Episode #413 – At the Top of Their Game! Archery Summit in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

    in Wine

    A Delightful Afternoon with Head Winemaker and GM Chris Mazepink of Archery Summit There couldn’t have been a more picture perfect day to enjoy a long line-up of wines from Archery Summit GM and Winemaker Chris Mazepink. Archery Summit features Oregon’s only natural cave cellar and we assure you, the views underground are just as […]
    The post Episode #413 – At the Top of Their Game! Archery Summit in Oregon’s Willamette Valley appeared first on Welcome to Grape Encounters Radio.

  • Auctioning Our Freedom

    in Politics

    Thousands of charities, from international organizations to local churches, raise money through silent-auctions, often featuring gift baskets donated by supporters. Those gift baskets frequently include bottles of wine, beer, or other spirited prizes. But it turns out that in many States the liquor laws prohibit such gift baskets, especially in places like churches or community centers that have no liquor license – even if the bottles remain unopened. The legislature in one state, Colorado, is about to repeal that old law, and leave charitable fund-raisers free to do their best for their good causes. Many of these legislators have looked through the lens of liberty, and realized that fund-raising strategies of non-profit organizations are not the government’s business. But many states still require permits and fees for such events. If your State is one of them, it’s time for you to act.

  • Parenting in the Digital Age; & Backing Up Your iPhone

    in Technology

    An interactive water bottle?! We hear about Gululu Go, for kids.
    Parent expert Samantha Kemp-Jackson gives some tips on parenting in the digital age
    Learn about the iXpand Base from SanDisk, a clever way to charge (and back-up) your iPhone or iPad
    I answer a few questions from the Tech it Out mailbag

  • Four Steps to Be Successful in Your Small Business

    in Business

    Erin Archuleta, lead seller advocate at Square, joins us to share some eye-opening statistics about small business owners, including a stunning number who work second jobs or don't take a salary.  She also offers helpful advice for business owners concerned about cash flow and and staying on top of all parts of the business.