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  • Moore and Slavery, French Ambassador and Pearl Harbor Day, Rep. Franks Resigns

    in Politics

    Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America unload on Roy Moore for answering a question about the last time America was great by discussing the family unity during the era of slavery.  They also discuss the bizarre tweet from the French ambassador to the United States, who used Pearl Harbor Day to rip the U.S. for not doing more to stop fascism in the 1930s.  And they discuss odd, emotional, and inappropriate details surrounding the resignation of Arizona Rep. Trent Franks for apparently asking two female staffers to carry his child while he and his wife experienced infertility.

  • Trent Franks resigns immediately from Congress

    in News

    Trent Franks resigns immediately from Congress. Roy Mooore asked about when he Thought America was great last. His comments cause controversy. Credibility of one of Roy Moore's accuser called into question. Urban Word of the Day. Protests over Trump moving US embassy in Israel. Movies opening this weekend. Top grossing acts of 2017. What's Next: Civility. Say What??

  • Urgently Support Mueller Removal! / FBI Corruption / Land Rights & Bundy Case

    in Politics

    Guests include Host/Producer Franklin Raff & Idaho State Congresswoman Dorothy Moon

  • Andrew Carroll

    in History

    In honor of the centennial of America's entrance into World War I - April 6, 2017 - noted author and historian Andrew Carroll discusses his latest book, My Fellow Soldiers: General John Pershing and the Americans Who Helped Win the Great War. The book portarys an intimate portrait of the General, who led the American Expeditionary Forces during the First World War. Using many letters and diares, Carroll pays a touching tribute to General Pershing and the many Americans who fought during the Great War.  

  • Nov 25-26: Best-Of Show for Thanksgiving Weekend

    in News

    Highlights of guest conversations from 2017.

  • Sexual Misconduct: Story of the Year!

    in Politics

    Al Franken's non-apology "apology";  the Secret Slush Fund; Russia Hearings Change Directions. 

  • Dr. Bob Martin Sunday, December 10, 2017, Hour 2

    in Health

    If you missed the Dr. Bob Show today, you missed a lot. Here are just a few of the things that were covered:
    I. The effects of certain foods on blood pressure
    II. How to relieve year-round nasal congestion
    III. Prevention of skin tags
    IV. Facts about hair loss
    V. Do flu shots work?
    VI. How to maintain healthy arteries

  • Dec 02-03: Insurance, Car-Swapping, and the Meaning of Christmas

    in Finance

    Laura Adams (InsuranceQuotes.Com); Scott Hall (SwapALease.Com); Dr Howard Edington, author, "The Forgotten Man of Christmas"

  • Can You Say "KAPCHR"? and Last-Minute Gift Ideas

    in Technology

    We talk about what’s new in monitors, especially for gamers, with Viewsonic.
    Tech It Out host Marc Saltzman shares some last-minute gadget and game gift ideas for the holidays.
    Find out how to turn your dSLR camera into a high-end webcam for video chats and Facebook Live broadcasts. The product is called KAPCHR (pronounced “capture”)
    Montreal’s Nura tells us why their headphones are like no other. Are we entering the era of “smart” headphones? Find out how!

  • (book) The World Turns to War; and Herman Moore and the Quicklane Bowl

    in Military

    The National Defense has a great show for you this week, particularly if you’re a history or football buff!  First, Randy speaks with author Jay Wertz who, through his research and interviews conducted with those who were there, has written The World Turns to War (War Stories: World War II Firsthand).  Randy speaks with Jay about the way he went about putting the book together and the importance of documenting the stories of people that had their lives affected by World War II in this great interview.  Then, Pro Bowl Wide Receiver of Detroit Lions Fame, Herman Moore, returns to the show to talk about his involvement with the Quicklane Bowl coming up at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan.  Ford and Quicklane are providing ten $50,000 scholarships to veterans seeking jobs in the automotive maintenance field, and Herman has the details about how you can nominate a veteran for that award.  Time is running out, so make sure to get your nominations in soon!  That’s all this week on The National Defense.

  • How TerraCycle Grew a Purpose-Driven Business to Run on an International Scale

    in Entrepreneur

    During his last year in college, Tom Szaky began to question why garbage exists and why some products are recyclable and others aren’t. What he found was economics and the value of materials determined what could be reused. He founded TerraCycle in an effort to recycle the unrecyclable. He now operates in 21 countries and continues to grow without competition. By partnering with others to reuse materials such as cigarette butts and ocean plastics, he’s built an entire business that not only helps a company’s bottom line but makes a real difference as well.

  • The Vital Importance of Local Businesses

    in Business

    Start Small Think Big Founder Jenny DaSilva shares the story of her business and how it provides critical assistance for new small business owners in a variety of ways.  DaSilva also explains how patronizing local business benefits your entire community and why November's Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to make it a priority.

  • Made in America December 10th 2017

    in Politics Conservative

    Made in America December 10th 2017

  • Gary speaks with Dr. Deane Waldman and Dan Mitchell

    in Politics

    Dr. Deane Waldman, Texas Public Policy, talks about Congress hand health care reform. Price gouging after Florida hurricane. Dan Mitchell, Chairman-Center for Freddom and Prosperity, talks about GOP and tax reform.

  • Pregnant Robots, Massage Envy, & What Does "Gender" REALLY Mean?

    in Politics Conservative

    Topics include: What is Lois Learner Doing These Days; Frats on the Endangered List; Security Clearance; Massage Envy Dilemma; Translating Ear Piece; Misues of the Term "Gender"; Your Robot is Expecting; Mandalay from a PD Perspective; Do-Gooders Unite! and an Antibiotic-Resistant Miolecule

  • Dec 9-10: Prenatal Health

    in Moms and Family

    ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK:  Dr. Dawn Kingston: The Most Important Prenatal Health Screening You are NOT Getting;  Jenny Albertson: Spotlight on Moms;  Faith Collins: "Joyful Toddlers and Preschoolers: Create a Life that You and Your Child Both Love";  Ainsley Earhardt: "THROUGH YOUR EYES: My Child’s Gift to Me";  and a memorable segment from the Mom Talk Archives.1:50 – 2:00