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    Shoothing the shit with AJ The Boogie Man and Huggie Bear

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    Tha Bomb Shizznit coming from Tha Real McCoy, D-Evil,Neighborhood Nightmare,The MF'n Dirty,and Boy Blue and Boogie-Man LIVE in the studio!
    Our show is for all the Juggalos Battleaxe Warriors Technicians The Rebels and all undergrond music lovers of all kinds  Shootin tha shizznit with the homies taking calls and playing music  
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    if your interested in the juggalo island movement go to www.juggaloisland.net a permant place for us to gather for life!!

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    001 - EMDR Therapy - Treating Trauma with Suzanne Rucker (counsellor/therapist)

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    Join co-hosts Kathryn Robbins and Brad Hay for an informative and engaging interview with counsellor and therapist, Suzanne Rucker.  We will be discussing real solutions to the very real problems of trauma that survivors and non-survivors are equally affected by..
    Suzanne is Certified in EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy and is inspired by the power to transform trauma & distress into resolution & healing. "EMDR therapy changed my life. Suzanne was instrumental in my healing.” These are frequent statements heard from recently healed clients. Also a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) helping individuals and couples recover from compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one's work environment.
    For more information about Suzanne and her counselling services, visit her website at:

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    Alexis Werner – Director "Seeds of Hope" for Veterans

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    Did you know over a million US Veterans suffer from homelessness due to PTSD, financial difficulties, and lack of a support system? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects more than 5 million people, so chances are you know someone who suffers from this anxiety disorder. It can occur after an extreme emotional trauma that involved the threat of injury or death – from combat to a car accident. I was married to a Viet Nam vet who suffered from PTSD, so I experienced first-hand the crippling power of the anxiety and how it impacts a family. Back then, help wasn’t widely available. Alexis Werner of Pittsburgh, PA is dedicated to making change in the lives of others. After her step-father came home from Afghanistan with PTDS, she realized she could either be upset at her situation or do something to change it. She decided to create Seeds of Hope. Alexis was 15 years old and a high school freshman at the time. Seeds of Hope has 3 main projects: planting victory gardens to provide relaxation and tangible items for Veterans and their families; Our Way Home, a student-made documentary that follows the stories of 9 veterans from WW2-present day focusing on PTSD; and Seeds of Hope: The Beginning, a children's book focusing on the importance of community service, healthy eating, and veteran appreciation. Alexis graduated high school in June and received the Jefferson Award for Public Service and a $10K scholarship from the Anne Frank Foundation to be used for Temple Univ this fall. Clearly Alexis has some big plans for making the world a better place. After the interview, check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Phone Fantasy Radio LIVE - Real Sex Talk

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    You have now entered... 
    Tune into Phone Fantasy Radio LIVE with your hosts Lakrush Hearts & BlkReporter tonight at 9pm est. We bring you the best music from yesterday, today, and tomorrow as the main course and for dessert our blazin' chat topic "Real Sex Talk - What's on your sexy mind? Ask some of the sexiest questions & get some sexy answers" You can chime in live by calling (805) 830-8320.
    Check Out Our Links
    Website: http://phonefantasyradio.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heartsradio
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lakrushhearts

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    This Saturday on "The Stoop" : We are talking Relationships & Sex planning PT:2!

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    This Saturday on "The Stoop" we will be continuing our topic of (Planning Sex) but also we will be discussing the difference between a grown relationship and a young one. Now let me be clear grown does not equal OLD and young does not equal in age, young. I am simply talking about how you conduct yourself in said relationship (and yes people) thats how you determine what type relationship you have, a grown one and a young one by how you manover and conduct yourself in that relationship. Need an example? Well here you go; if you're a dude in a relationship and your cheating then you my friend are in a young relationship!!! Disagree? feel free too call in 607-203-5357

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    Episode 24 :NFL Season is underway

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    This has been one crazy week in sports. There was an major upset in womens tenis that no one suppected. Moses Malone pasted away yesterday (09/.13/15).Carmelo caught cheating on his wife and the NFL season is finally underway.. Tune in as the host have the updates and hilghlights of todays games. Also make sure you stay locked in throughout the show because you dont want to miss out on the surprise that we have about Drake and Future.

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    This Wednesday evening, at 8:30pm, right here on Delicious Talk Radio, the segment Bringing Sexy Back, your host Gayle Delicious Johnson and Ms. J will discuss "Why Some Men Won't Commit."  Call your girlfriends and guy friends sit back and enjoy the show. We encourage listening audience participation, on all of our delicious topics, call in number is 646-652-2877. The chat room will not be open. You can still log in on your computer or just call in. 

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    Say Anything

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    Say anything. Last week we had technical difficulties but I'm hoping they got resolved. So without any further delays, lets roll with this episode.

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    The Sunday Drive Gospel Music Broadcast with Sistah Janice Sun Broadcast2-19-17

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    Hello family, this is your host Sistah Janice and thank you for listening to The Sunday Drive Gospel Music Broadcast, we are so thankful that you chose this day to spend just with us!
    Well family, we have a new show in store for you today and another opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus, for your mid day praise, Amen! So if your at work tap along, driving in your car, but pay attention to the road or just pull over, and give God all the Praise for he is worthy!
    We would like to thank all of our sponsors on Facebook, Twitter, Blog Talk Radio and WITA1490am Radio, may God continue to richly bless you!
    Remember, Sistah Janice loves you, but God loves you best, stay victorious in Jesus!

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    GridIron Warrioz Season 2

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    Welcome to Gridiron Warrioz Madden League Football
    Intro- Weekly Games Schedules and Results and Highlights
    Win Streaks and Losing streaks. Stats, Player of the week and Owner of the week.
    Trades, Game Rules. Off Season
    Superbowl and Playoff Predictions
    Special Guest - Commissioners & Owners
    Music Hip Hop and Rock .
    Triva Questions for EB Games Gift Certificates

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