Radio Protea

Radio Protea

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Uniting like minded South Africans world wide.Talk radio with a unique flavor featuring Errol Ballen and Shaun Nathan.

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Shaunaaaaaaay introduces us to two South African leaders: FREDRIK VAN ZYL SLABBERT.The Afrikaaner leader way ahead of his time. CHIEF XHORE . The Khoi Chief.

Elsubie from MODEL and ARTIST MANAGEMENT will tel us how to bring fame and fortune into our lives and share her incredible sucess story with us.

Radio Protea is at the beggining of many careers but this is a once in a life time opportunity to speak to a true super star.Mel-Marie is charming and so humble,yet exudes the confidence of a well established star.

Joanie Rose Tells us why the Jews have such resiliance. Passover is here.Once again we have to hang tough.

Shaunaaaaay leads us into battle at SPIOONKOP,and to the depths of the St John's/Soa Joao wreckage

Alan Gold....... All over your radio,computor,ears and HEART... Taking music to another level...

Joanie Rose helps us tackle the huge problem of abusive kids and bullied parents.

Jan van Riebeeck arrives and we visit the Kensington Castle Facinating.

R E L A X Joanie Rose shows us how to get in the zone in a minute or less.

Alan Gold Music that will inspire and sweeten your entire life.