The Rightwing Redneck Radio Rag with Uncle Dave 05/20/2012

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Brother Jim and Sister Peggy will be co-hosting this Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time; - - - Our special guest will be Jonathan Mathusitz PhD. & there will be an interview with Elizabeth Warren, senatorial hopeful and self-proclaimed 1/32 Cherokee.  The show will feature insightful, in depth political discussions by hosts who love this country and its constitution and hold pro Judao/Christian views. - (Lunatic liberal leftists, socialists, communists, Obama-ites, atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus/Hare Krishnas, tree-huggers and all others are encouraged to call . . . but do not plan on monopolizing the show or using it as a sounding board for some cockamamie concoction of conspicuously corrupt crap! – It won’t happen.)

There will also be music and comedy as the show contains both a talk format and one based on entertainment; - it’s kind’a like a talk show and an hour spent in your favorite nightclub.  If you like to imbibe now and then, - - - well it’s “now” so, - pop-a-top or get a glass of your favorite spirits, kick off your shoes, put on your thinking caps and let’s have some fun and try to do some good at the same time!  Oh, - and give your friends a call and invite them to join in.