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The Radio Jihad Network is the lighthouse in the storm helping you to navigate and understand why Fundamentalist Political Islam wants to destroy our Constitution and replace it with Sharia/Islamic Law beginning with Shariah Family Courts. Fundamental Islamists expertly and with military precision are executing a combination of peaceful and violent military tactics destroying our country from within in barely noticeable incremental steps. The fear of Islamist death threats, riots, Anthrax, and name calling have all but silenced the mainstream media. The Radio Jihad Network is the voice of the Patriotic Resistance Movement in America championing your rights too Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as granted by our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America. God Bless America and God Bless our Troops. America Akbar! (All shows ET) on Blog Talk Radio Jihad Show Monday 6-8 PM , Tuesday The Andrew Biezad Show 11-12 PM, Wednesday MP 91 with Eliza Jane 6-7:30 PM, Thursday Gadi Adelman Show 8-10 PM, Saturday - Usama Dakdok Show 10-12 PM, Sunday Red Neck Radio Hour 7-8 PM Call in and let’s talk - (347) 857-1380

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Joe had a 20+ year career with Southern California Edison Company before the Lord called him into full-time Muslim ministry in January 2007. Since then he has been involved in various aspects of Muslim ministry. We will discuss how he ministers and what that means. _________________________________________________________________________________ AMERICA, Are you AWAKE??? Threats Against Every U.S. Citizen Terrorism - Jihadi Camps/enlistment of U.S. Citizens, Electrical Grid, CAIR, Attacks to Freedom of Speech, Increased Radical Mosques, and Open Borders and so much more! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stand UP America -- Take Our Country Back!!! Our Mission: To promote the Judeo/Christian perspective, political commentary, patriotism, family, U.S. Constitution, respect for life and liberty, freedom of speech, freedom OF religion, right to bear arms, and respect for life. To engage the public in discussions regarding threats to our way of life and our freedoms that were fought for by our Founding Fathers, our brave and courageous military, and by every day Patriots. EMAIL US AT: PLEASE CHECK OUT: The Lisa Benson Radio Show for National Security Issues and how to get involved with a grassroots Activist organization.
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Colin Flaherty of "White Girl Bleed Alot" is a noted Author, Blogger, and Appriser as to what has gone grieviously wrong in the United States in terms of race relations. Since Obama was elected, the polarization has grown virtually... more

The RJNetwork and The Vito Esposito Show exist to provide a fresh and unbiased look at the foreign and domestic events shaping the policies of the United States of America. There are forces both inside and outside of our country that seek... more

Sister Peggy Co-Hosts as we present a tribute to a great, unsung American patriot. - - Plus: A look at the worst, weakest, most dishonest, anti-American, so-called president in our country's history; Barack Hussein Obama. - Is it time... more

Revealing the Truth About Islam - Exposing the Darkness of Islam Special guest Pastor John joins the show to discuss his recent experiences as he discusses how Christians outside the USA are addressing the growing challenge of... more

TONIGHT'S DISCUSSION IS WITH: Host Joe Herring, Special Guests: Dr. Mark Christian, Rabbi Daniel Sherbill, Pastor Ray Peters, and returning Guest: Nonie Darwish The mediea is outraged at a single journalist beheading, but why aren't... more

Gadi will be bringing his unique point of view to the headlines on the world of national security and islam, keeping you way ahead of everyone else. In the second hour, Gadi and Rabbi will be heading the new segment, "Theory Why?"... more

SPECIAL GUEST: Jay Smith with Q&A by Jack Hibbs Jay has been a full-time missionary with the Brethren in Christ Mission since 1983. He focuses on... more

Look, we know what is the single biggest threat to the Planet is ~ it's islam. It's time to take the gloves off and eliminate it once and for all. Kel is joined by Michael Green ,Vlad Tepes , Sue from New Mexico, and Dr. Meola as we... more

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