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Author of her 1st book, Spring Thorns Rachel Hendrix explores topics on Family & Life issues, Health, Christianity, and Everything in between. She will converse and discuss some of the best topics and issues that we face in our world today. Her platform is Acting, Singing and Writing(ASW); And along the way she will keep you informed about different projects she's currently working on, like her next book, the Sequel to Spring Thorns. Also within her shows, her "Words To Live By" are truly inspirational, which will keep you motivated and on the right track! If you want to hear it Fair and Straight from both sides and get your voice heard-The RachelLehcar Show is the place to go!:)

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Why don't we care anymore????? Is that just something of the past???? Why is intimacy is paraded on dvd's and why do we say any and everything, and do any and everything because this is the society we live in.... Is there a huge... more

Hello Lovelys Fall time is right around the corner and I'm Loving IT!!!! Planning any trips this fall? Doing anything Big? I hope so because this weather is amazin to travel in... Well, Well, Well, what shall we talk about hmmmm??? Well its... more

Hello Guys and Gals! I am so happy to be back!!! And I do hope all is well with you lovely people out there.....And I also really missed the show A LOT!!! We've got so much to talk about... Please join me as I talk about some things that are... more

Hello Lovelies! Join me today on the RLS as I talk about Gabby's, AKA 'The Flying Squirrel', Gold Medal Accomplishments! What does it take to Achieve Success like Gabby, in whatever your dreams may be?:D I want to also spend... more

Hello Guys and Gals! Have you been watching the OLYMPICS??:D:D:D:D .... I sure have Let's GO! U.S. Let's GO! Although I am Ecstatic about the Olympics.. I was very disturbed to hear that there has been Talk/Discussion about Olympic... more

Hello Ladies and Gents...lol I am continuing my talk/discussion about the infamous tehno world we live in today, and asking the question, "Is it too much in our society?!! I also want to address the traditional family- the way families... more

Hello Guys and Gals! Rachel here, and I want to talk about family, and technology. Things like cell phones, computers, navigation systems etc. Why has everything become so techno-and less traditional? Are we that busy and... more

Hello My Listeners! Rae is on the airways, and yes I am coming to you again with some very helpful, encouraging, and positive con-vo-say- shuns…lol.. And of course I hope that you guys and gals have been doing well, and Following Your... more

Hello Guys and Gals!!!!!!!! It has been a long time since we last chatted, and I am so excited to be back!!!! Put some pep in your step! And Spring into this wonderful season!!! God has Blessed YOU to see it, and be in it, so lets make the Best of... more

Hey Guys and Gals, This morning I want to discuss relationships, paticularly Marriages! Are we getting too casual with the Sanction of Marriage, and the Covenant we are making before God???? Why do we go down the aisle not... more