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I offer political and social commentary from a conservative point of view. I am not interested in parroting others. I shoot straight and expect others to do the same.

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People are rarely indifferent on the subject of Israel. In fact, many often discuss it in strong terms. However, much of the information concerning this country tends to reflect half-truths and propaganda. Meet Rev. Fumio Taku, president of... more

In addition to my regularly scheduled show on Mondays, 5:30pm-6:30pm on BlogTalkRadio, I occasionally, take a moment, a deep breath, and another moment to compose myself amidst all of the lunacy. In what other fashion can... more

Today, I will have another look at the many things that people find in order to create differences rather than to acknowledge commonalities. This show is not meant to be an exercise in kumbaya. Rather, I want to show how differences in... more

America just celebrated her 234th birthday. On occasion, it is a country that is defined by incredible contradictions and extremes. On occasion, it is marked by the development of absurd, maddening trends. But, mostly, this is a... more

I will take a look at personal responsibility, a fundamental tenet in American culture. I will equally look at how the media is once again professionally negligent, ignoring the rise of Lyndon LaRouche activists and the recent outburst of... more

On today's show, I look at people's insane desire for 15 minutes of fame and the lengths to which they will go in order to get it. I will also look at the hostility that many, on both the left and right, have towards experience, education, and... more

Everyone has an idea about the political landscape in Massachusetts. Some are right, but many more are wrong. Massachusetts is not as liberal as some would like to think.

The first half hour will be used to provide social commentary; the second block of thirty minutes will be used to take a look at the Gaza Flotilla and the ensuing events.

In the battle between conservatives and leftists, patriots sometimes forget culture. Ours has greatly suffered due to the influence of leftists. Currently, their value system is the one that is largely extolled in Hollyweird, making it difficult for... more

The Obama administration has pursued domestic and foreign policies that have weakened us as a nation. His excessive desire to appease reveals his lack of understanding of this country and its role in this world. Moreover, a less decisive... more