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Rachael Mae

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Join me today, as we articulate the difference between understanding something, and realizing that same thing. This will lead us into clarity on the difference between knowledge and wisdom, and it's up to YOU where we go from there! I... more

I invite you to tune in as we briefly summarize the following fifteen archangels: *Michael *Raphael *Gabriel *Uriel *Chamuel *Ariel *Jeremiel *Azrael *Raguel *Metatron *Sandalphon *Johpiel *Haniel *Zadkiel *Raziel Should you have any... more

For me, a belief can change, and usually does - anywhere from a minor adjustment, to my letting it go. A knowing, however, can evolve (grow, deepen) but it doesn't change. So - how do we KNOW something is true? Thank you... more

I am so grateful to be back! Join me as we continue learning about the angelic realm. I'll be sharing some of my personal experiences with my angels, as well as opening up dialogue about, & an "introduction" to some of the archangels. Open... more

This is a show for both those who have never believed, and those who believe in angels, but not in the present. I also invite any who are in awareness of angels to join the show live, and to be open to calling in and sharing! I invite you all... more

Be watching for Dave's upcoming album, "Glimpses," being released very soon! Go to www.seeminearesevenmusic.com to learn when and where his wonderful music can be found! THANK YOU DAVE, for being your contribution. Espavo.... more

Those who are new to an awareness of angels, or perhaps merely open to the possibility of angels -- this is a show for you. Have you ever wondered why angels are everywhere in a scripture and other ancient writings, yet in the present-day... more

We continue talking about the creative power of words. Do you have questions about shifting your language; the way you speak? Call in and we will discuss any questions or concerns. Also, call in just to make a comment that is relevent to... more

9:30pm I'm currently getting "no answer" when I call into the brhost with Skype. I am with everyone really soon! HANG IN THERE WITH ME:)

What, and who we are attracting into our life experience are the perfect mirrors! This is a Truth that can feel wonderful and refreshing! It is also a Truth that can feel harsh. The GIFT of it, is that we always have access to the reflections... more
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