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There is no disputing statistics. They are gathered from events, not "scenarios". They are made up of real people, real lives, real deaths. The steady decline of mental health facilities, mental health workers and mental health budgets has left far too many outside the help they need. One out of three people will experience some sort of mental health issue in their lives. Do you think that adequate services should be available for these episodes? Or do you agree with the "modern" methods of eliminating services and pretending the problem doesn't exist? Media, and by reflection the general public, tend to marginalize people who don't fit the "norm", whatever the hell that is. What if it is your loved one, your friend, yourself that needs the help required to regain your direction and focus? Kelly Thomas. Martin Hall. Ashley Smith. Jeffrey Towe. Teresa Sheehan. Barbara Stewart. James Popkowski. Bartolo Ford. Thousands more like them. Who are these people? They are people who needed help but none was available. They were left to deal with police. We know how police deal with "non-compliance". Most of the time, it is "Obey or Die". But thankfully, not all. If law enforcement is forced to become front-line mental health workers, why are they not being instructed how to deal with these circumstances? CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) is slowly becoming the standard. Budget restraints are the excuse being used to delay and deny it. What has to change to help save lives and prevent social chaos from protests? Guest host @canadianglen is joined by @Firec0re to examine this issue. The personal experiences of @Firec0re motivate her to be involved in this societal void to help correct it. Join us, listen, chat, call in. The final Saturday episode of Rebelution Radio for 2014 looks to take the warmth of the holiday season and talk about a big problem, in a positive way.
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