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"Go out and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20. Our master, Yahushua, left us a commission to share the truth to people so they can have the gift of salvation. The truth has to be given to the world and we have to destroy the falsehoods. As we do this we work to aide the unification and restoration of YisraEl as a people so the final work of Yah can be realized.

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We conclude our lessons on the weapons of our warfare with the power we have in praising the Most High! Lines will be open today for callers to share how they've experienced break-through when they lifted their voices to praise Abba Yah!!... more

HalleluYah! Join Moreh Ariy'Al as he highlights the real life experiences of Yishra'Al

As we continue our current topic What Does the Bible Teach About...Authority, we will begin examining the priesthood? Is it still necessary?

Finishing out Shaul's letter to the assembly in Galatia.

Shalum family! Welcome to our Tuesday night show. Tonight we open the phone lines to have the family share whatever is on their hearts; grief, depression, praise report etc. Call in and use this opportunity to share what's on your heart... more

Tonight we continue examining What Does The Bible teach About...Authority, by looking further into the call of a prophet. We will begin with Moses & see where the Most High has lead us in His Word.

Brothers and sisters, repent! for the kingdom of Yah is at hand. This is a message that is calling us all to examine and check our hearts and relationship with the Most High!