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"Go out and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20. Our master, Yahushua, left us a commission to share the truth to people so they can have the gift of salvation. The truth has to be given to the world and we have to destroy the falsehoods. As we do this we work to aide the unification and restoration of YisraEl as a people so the final work of Yah can be realized.

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Shalum lakhem! Welcome once again to our broadcast! Tonight we continue our discussion on scholarship & its impact on modern society. Our focus will be on science, exactly what is it? Does science provide answers where the bible is lacking? Join us as we uncover what the Holy Scripture speaks on this controversial subject. Don't forget your bible, a pen & a pad!
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Shalum lakhem! Welcome to Jeremiah 1:10. Tonight we continue our discussion of Deuteronomy 28 & its significance for today.Please be sure to grab your bible, a pen & a pad & join us for our lesson


Todays Torah portion is taken from Jeremiah chapter 1:1-19

Shalum lakhem! Welcome to Jeremiah 1:10; a broadcast intended to dispel untruths about the Holy Scripture entrusted to Israel & reveal it as our Heavenly Father originally inspired through his servants the prophets. Tonight, we begin a... more

Shalum lakhem! What is scholarship? How has modern scholarship impacted the belief in the Word of Yah? Is the bible the work of men? Or, of a Higher Power revealing His Divine Will to His Creation? Tonight we continue our discussion... more

Today's Torah portion is taken from Isaiah 65-66.

Shalum lakhem! Welcome to Qul Alahiym! Scholarship; knowledge acquired by study, is categorized into good (that which supervises the house) & evil (man's perception). Modern scholarship is fueled primarily by the latter, which has... more

We will be talking about the prophet Habakkuk tonight. It is a very short powerful book on holding on to faith during the times when it [our faith] is being tested.

Throughout Yishra'Al it seems like we are under serious spiritual attack. Tonight we open up the prayer lines for prayers and intercessions for our nation, families, children, and anything else that is needed