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"Go out and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20. Our master, Yahushua, left us a commission to share the truth to people so they can have the gift of salvation. The truth has to be given to the world and we have to destroy the falsehoods. As we do this we work to aide the unification and restoration of YisraEl as a people so the final work of Yah can be realized.

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We continue our series What Does the Bible Teach About...Satan, the enemy of Elohim & Israel. Tonight, we ask the question, why did the Most High choose the serpent to represent this enemy of mankind? What do we learn from the serpent? Join us as we continue our walk through the Holy Scripture to find the answers.
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Tonight we begin a new series, What Does the Bible Teach About...Satan, the adversary of Elohim & Israel. What has the Most High revealed in his word about the enemy of all enemies; the exemplification of opposition towards the... more

Tonight you will be introduced to the sisterhood of Beth Yahueh Assembly. Join the round-table as we discuss topics pertinent to women in Yishra'Al

Shalum family! There are many things going on in the world which should be telling us to prepare for the worldly upset that is coming. Abba has not left us without the knowledge we need to be safe when the world gets disrupted

Moreh Dau'Al continues to open of the Word!

Have you ever needed the advice from someone or has anyone ever sought advice from your lips? Giving advice shouldn't be done lightly, nor should it be separated from the Word and Will of Abba. As strong walls, we must learn how... more

Tonight Moreh Ariy'Al will discuss about the Blood Moons and how significant they are to Yishra'Al

Tonight, we conclude our current topic What Does the Bible Teach About...GOD? We will examine passages of Holy Scripture to see how the Word of Yah fulfills the roles of Father, Son & Holy Spirit, hence, living up to the implication of... more

HalleluYah! Today we continue our look at what it takes to be a strong wall to and for another. We will examine this through the special and dynamic relationship of mothers and daughters. Join us and spread the Word

Join us for another exciting discussion