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Qul Alahiym


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"Go out and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20. Our master, Yahushua, left us a commission to share the truth to people so they can have the gift of salvation. The truth has to be given to the world and we have to destroy the falsehoods. As we do this we work to aide the unification and restoration of YisraEl as a people so the final work of Yah can be realized.

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Shalum lakhem & welcome to our broadcast. Today we refresh the reading of Torah Portions. Join us as we tell the story of humanity's coming into being & early history in Bereshiyth (In the Beginning), AKA Genesis. it tells the story of... more

Welcome back to Bible 10

Shalum lakhem & welcome to our broadcast. Tonight, we continue discussing the beast system; what more can be learned from the Holy Scripture regarding this topic? Join us as we discover more gems preserved in the Word of Yah... more

Shalum lakhem & welcome to our broadcast. Tonight we continue our examination of the fall festivals to see the plan of salvation as it has been laid out in the Word of Yah. Step one, (Passover), is the sacrifice for sin; step two, (Unleavened... more

Shalum lakhem, and welcome to our broadcast. Tonight, the discussion continues, as we uncover more revelation about the system established to nurture our carnality; our evil ways. This system has been in effect since the first man &... more

Moreh Ariy'Al continues to examine the culture of our people and nation

Shalum lakhem & welcome to our broadcast. We continue looking at the plan of salvation outlined by the sacred appointments given in Leviticus 23. the holy days that fall during the spring are as follows: Step one: Passover - sacrifice for sin;... more

Shalum lakhem & welcome to our broadcast, where we intend to "root out, tear down, to destroy & throw down" falsehood standing against the truth, called the Word of Yah, that the truth be "built & planted." During last week's discussion... more

Tonight we have a special treat! Our sisters have recently returned from their annual retreat and tonight they will share their experiences