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Quinta Nicole

Moving Forward with Quinta Nicole


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Inspiring and Empowering You to Overcome Obstacles and Move Forward into Your Destiny! Quinta Nicole is a Certified Professional Coach. A power house speaker full of energy, motivation, and wisdom- she is a big voice in a small frame. Quinta Nicole uses her life, faith, and knowledge to inspire and lead others to live their best life NOW. With a mission to empower people to achieve success in work and in life, Quinta Nicole founded Work Smart and Live. Through her website, WorkSmartandLive.com and various online platforms, she coaches on different aspects of life and business that can make or break a person's ability to find balance and create success. Once a professional dancer/cheerleader and a self-professed dance addict, Quinta Nicole is now an inspiration leader and infuses her passion for dance and fitness in her coaching. She believes that living your passion is essential to success, and she dances daily. Quinta Nicole holds a B.S. in Business- Organizational Management. She trains entrepreneurs and small businesses in Online Marketing, Brand Building, Customer Service,Leadership, and Social Media. With more than 14 years of industry experience, Quinta Nicole has developed a knack for customer service. In her training, Quinta emphasizes the importance of providing service and value to enhance the customer experience and to increase profits. Unapologetic about her faith, Quinta Nicole is an open believer in God. She humbly asserts that every great thing she accomplished included strong faith in God and prayer. A devoted wife and mother, Quinta Nicole resides in Alabama, USA with her loving husband Dr. Gregory Stargell II, their daughter Gina, and their two dogs- Gladys and Gallagher.

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Relaunching the Quinta Nicole radio show on blogtalk radio.

Keys to moving forward from discovering to establshing and living our dreams. Desire is essential to discovering our dreams. What is it that we desire in life? How bad do we want it? How do we move forward from desire to fulfillment. All... more

Today we reflected on Easter and the importance of establishing our faith whether it be faith in Christ or otherwise. We need faith in something outside of ourselves to support us as an achor when we are moving forward to discover our... more

There's more to you than what you see. Everything you dream can and will be, but we have to be willing to clear the clutter and let go of some things.

Inspiration and Motivation to Help People All Across the Globe to Achieve Success. We have to have a winning mindset to achieve success.

Inspiration and Motivation to Help People All Across the Globe to Achieve Success.

Fasting is a key that I've used for empowerment and clarity for several years now. In this episode I share different forms of fasting. Always remember to check with your physician before starting any type of fast or changes in diet and/or excercise.

In this episode, I share a few keys to empowerment and having success in any area of our lives. Even though I share the story of being empowered to become a wife and mother, these success keys can be applied to anything. I only meant... more