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Deb Friends Quest for Connection

Deb and Friends: Quest for Connection


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Deb Bowen, spiritual educator and psychic, discusses the intersection of spirituality, metaphysics, and science with revolving expert co-hosts each week.

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If you've ever experienced a "dark night of the soul," when you believed that prayer doesn't work, when you do know to whom you're praying, and you believe your prayers go unanswered, this episode is for you! Deb and Sheri question... more

For months now Deb has continued to receive information and guidance from an entity that presents as "Mary Magdalene." Deb updates you in this episode with recent material, and discusses with Shamanic practitioner ways in which we can... more

As you probably know, Deb also hosts the internationally reknown PsychicTeachers podcast. This broadcast is an interview that Deb and cohost Samantha Fey did with Phyllis Curott, best-selling author and Wiccan priestess.... more

"Imbolc," the holiday between Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, honors the slowly awakening Mother Earth and the Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of sacred wells, fire, smithery, poetry, milk, early... more

Join anchor host and spiritual educator Deb Bowen this week as she celebrates Quest for Connection podcast's one year on-air anniversary. We discuss how the words we use have power and bring connection to ourselves and the world... more

Join anchor host and spiritual educator Deb Bowen and her co-host Sheri Perbeck, psychic medium, as we discuss healing energy. Energy really is all there is, and how we work with it to heal ourselves, our fellow beings and... more

During this darkening time of the year in the northern hemisphere, when there are more hours of darkness than of light each day, is something with which we struggle. Culturally, we light up the world earlier and earlier each year with... more

Join anchor host and spiritual educator Deb Bowen as she discusses the depth of meaning of this dark time of the year, and why being thankful isn't enough. We must feed our souls with a sense of who we are, where we truly live, and where... more

Ley lines - those spiritual energy lines that grid Mother Earth, the swirling vortices of energy that are found in mystical places, and the chakras that guide Earth's energy flow are fascinating. Learn how they - and the polar shifts - affect us all.... more

Samhain is the Celtic word for "Summer's end," and this week we celebrate this harvest holiday and honor our ancestors in a special ritual presentation. Join anchor host and spiritual educator Deb Bowen, shamanic practitioner Roger... more