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Queens Stand Up Support Network & Radio Show is designed to assist queens on their journey of letting their inner queen shine. We understand we always have the ability to respond as queens and as result of this knowledge our first priority is to study ourselves by observing our thoughts, words, actions, environments, and social interactions deliberately choosing vibrations fostering our growth.

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How many times have you tried to reach a goal and was met with your deepest fear instead? What if you decided to have some fun with your fear instead of running from it? One way I thought we could have fun with our fears is questioning them back! What if it doesn't work? Well what if does? What if they don't like me? Well so what if they don't? What if I fail? But what if you win? Just thinking about the other possibility in every fear provoked moment is enough to leave even the most timid person at least a little bit curious about the possibilities. Our guest host has debunked every thought fear tried to bring her way. Laura Di Franco author or ?Brave Healing? is herself a good bbook you'll want to read again and again. To join the discussion dial into 929-477-2476 and press 1 to join the discussion.
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