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JourneysWisdom(Journey OF A Woman) This is the page of a woman who has survived 14 years of Cancer, 5years of Emphysema(Oxygen), being kicked out of hospice and many other obstacles. So, my goal is to reach and instill hope in as many people as I can. Please help me in this quest.

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Do you know who you are? Do u find yourself or your partner to be co-dependent, have intense anger, resentment, or playing the blame game? Well have you ever thought all these characteristics has come from your parents or guardians?... more

Tune in to hear how my latest dream unfolds and expresses exactly what's going on with Da Queen at this time in her life! COMING CLEAN WIT IT!

What We Should Know About Uterine Cancer.......Ladies, we must learn the pertitent information regarding our health so that we can pass it on to our children! Drop into the QueenDara Show, COME CLEAN WIT IT! to hear tell-tell signs of... more

COME CLEAN WIT IT! This show will entail the ins and outs of drug addiction, be it , alcoholism, cocaine addiction, chocolate addiciton or even the addiction of just being needed by another individual. Hope to read some comments from... more

COME CLEAN WIT IT! Learn how Reflexology (Practice of applying pressure to reflex points in the feet and hands to stimulate the body's own healing system) helps with healing issues in the body.

LOVE OR LUST??.......Have you fallin in love with someone after having sex with them or someone fallin in love with you? Call in and share! (646)929-1642 Don't forget to Rate the show and drop your comments

Have aches and pains? well stop in to the QueenDara show to find out how those pains are emotionally connected- PartII

What do you consider a fun night out with the Gurls, or Fellas.........

Have aches and pains? well stop in to the QueenDara show to find out how those pains are emotionally connected. Lets come clean, starting the year out right

COME CLEAN WIT IT!............Ever dreamed something crazy and wondered what exactly did it mean? Well tonight on the QueenDara show we're Deciphering Dreams according to the expertise of Mr. Tony Crisp. So stop in, chill to some... more
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