Angels In Distress

Janie Deadwyler

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Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. KJV Training awareness and prevention of domestic abuse by identifying the "RED FLAGS" early in the relationship. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ABUSED EMOTIONALLY, VERBALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY OR PHYSICALLY. NO ONE FEMALE OR MALE.

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Where did abuse against women start? How far back can we find the first documentation of abuse and violence toward women? There are some answers and we are going to follow 'HERSTORY' of HISTORY IN... more

Professional Women who fell victim to domestic abuse and violence but are victoriously moving forward in PURPOSE. ?PROFESSIONAL WOMAN" Community Advocate, Mortgage Fraud Fighter, Relationship Monday GURU,... more

REFLECTION: A fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration. This is an important part of the process to healing from and abusive relationship.

Mr. Roland Hinds, Author , Lecturer and Speaker! "AreYou The Right One For Me?" Mr. Hinds is dedicated to teaching others how to maintain a healthy relationship. He is the host of TRUVUE Radio. Mr. Hinds is going to give his... more

Why should I forgive those who abused me? What happens when the abused forgives the abuser? How do I begin to think about forgiving them? Where do I go to learn how to forgive the abuser. When should I forgive the abuser?... more

How many teenagers seem to be enjoying life and having fun? Do you know if your daughter or son is being abused? Does your teen friend have an abusive relationship, and you are afraid to tell someone? How close is the relationship,... more

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: The desire to dominate and control the partner or other household member by use of psychological, physical, sexual, and/or social/environmental pressure. What are the myths you have been told about a... more

Domestic Abuse or Violence comes into a persons's life and rips the core of any PEACE you may have had. What happened to cause you to allow your PEACE to be taken away? Were there signs that someone was after your PEACE?... more

" U.S. Army widow DeAnna 'Mz Deeva' Shields is going to share her story of how her life as a young mother turned when she was mentally and physically abused wife. She is an author of the book "Great Sex Is NOT Love and NEVER... more

Roderick had a choice in the moment that he found his mother dead, he could lay in misery and allow the hatred and pain to tear at his life or he could use that pain to help others. He chose to create an organization in his mothers honor... more
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