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Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. KJV Training awareness and prevention of domestic abuse by identifying the "RED FLAGS" early in the relationship. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ABUSED EMOTIONALLY, VERBALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY OR PHYSICALLY. NO ONE FEMALE OR MALE.

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How does domestic abuse and violence effect you in your culture? Do you know what it would feel like to not be wanted as a child because you were a female child? Does your culture have a practice to abuse women? What can you do to... more

In the week of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday, it is befitting to acknowledge the great works of a "great" man. Dr. King truly believed that all situations could be resolved without "violence". What would the world look like without... more

Domestic abuse and violence has a way of repeating itself in one's life sometimes. What does the life of a young girl look like after abuse or violence in her life? Who does she go to when she feels she is in trouble to get help?... more

There are times when we see movies there are scenes that capture our lives in some way. How is it that experiences by someone else can be so similar to your own. We are going to break down this movie and identify some of the "red flags"... more

Tonight's show is a pre-recorded show. How to prepare yourself for a non-abusive relationship. As we enter a new year with anticipation of new relationships, friendships and adventure. What are you doing to make sure that... more

Relationships during the holiday season can be trying, filled with anxiety, expectations, and even disappointments. This can also bring extra stress to relationships and become very trying. However, our motivational speaker, talk... more

There are victims in abusive relationships and really want to leave but seem to be ambiguous about what to do and where to go. How do you first begin the process to leave? What are your concerns about after leaving? Let's talk about... more

Domestic Violence for an adult is very traumatic and when violence is perpetrated on a child it brings a totally different set of feelings to your mindset. Why would anyone want to harm a little child? Children are pure, filled with promise, and... more

Join us as we talk with a survivor and author and warrior against domestic abuse. Ms. Felicity Okolo is one of the UK's leading experts in the development of human potential. She is a Women Empowerment Coach & Domestic Violence... more

One of the most challenging times in a survivors life is going through the initial process to accept the fact that they have been abused and experienced violence. The process to take the necessary steps to get help from law enforcement,... more
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