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My belief in the power of inspirational action. I love to talk about ways to promote optimal health - from exercise to proper nutrition, to supplements and weight loss. Also all about using all natural organic plant based products in home. Learn more by listening to my shows every week.

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I am interviewing a local guest on my show today that will help us to determine if it is possible to be green in our organization skills and make our lives a lot easier!Here is a little info on her - Healing through Organization, LLC, provides... more

Not well known in America, but used in many countries in the world, moringa oleifera is one amazing plant. In fact, perhaps like no other single species, this plant has the potential to help reverse multiple major environmental... more

What are we going to do when we run out of water? Mind you, the majority of the planet is water, but most of it is undrinkable, hence the notion of dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean. What everyone (including celebrities) is noticing is... more

Water Water Everywhere - Dying of Thirst in a Sea of Water

  • by bestlifepossible
We have plenty of water - it's all around us right? We have in in lakes and rivers, coming out of our taps and showers, and we have millions of bottles of water sitting on store shelves just waiting for us to drink them. Right?? But how much... more

Special Show today - Have you ever wondered where the foreign exchange students come from and how they get here? It's all part of the international system of state-sanctioned organizations that facilitate this process. They find the... more

Where was YOUR food grown?

  • by bestlifepossible
Maybe some of you are aware out there what is happening to our food industry...the almighty dollar seems to dictate everything in the economy and if it sells, then people will make it...from fast food to supermarkets. Some of... more

Laurel Nicolosi is the unofficial Queen of Wellness with many years of experience in networking, blogging, video marketing and helping people to be successful! I am happy to join the fight for going green since I think this is the most... more

Organic living - is it for you?

  • by bestlifepossible
Are you concerned about the environment? The air you breathe inside your home? Does your child have asthma or have chemical cleaners affected you in some way? There are potentially 100 million potentially toxic chemicals in use... more
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