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Queen Ifama The Truth Seeker

Queen Ifama - The Truth Seeker


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To put it simply, this is the voice of the Queen in HER world to THE world. Can you dig it? This program focuses on not what I can do to change YOU but what I can do to make positive changes for myself and find the truth, which will in turn manifest in the grander universe and benefit all of whom I come in contact. Knowing that I have total control and the universe abhors vacuum, my desires (within reason) will be always fulfilled is the catalyst of my motion. I am altruistic, issue-oriented, charismatic and up-to-date. I am very much a member of my own generation. I am a natural visionary and a humanitarian of the first order. I can be contrary and childish, sometimes, you know, a foot stomping rebel who is never willing to go along just to get along. I might cry, I might swear. I am just gonna be real. I am a Black woman. I am a woman of African descent. A truth seeker. I am a TRUTH SCIENTIST!! We have been told that we suffer from lack of knowledge. That is true but the reality is WHOSE knowledge do we suffer from the lack of? This is only part of the confusion. Let's explore the answers. There are truths that MUST be found and "I'm Just Gonna Find Them" and discuss my findings, because I am A TRUTH SCIENTIST. We must expose our inappropriate behavior and shame those who engage in it. Political correctness can be a detriment when seeking truth. ALL OPEN EYES WILL SEE. In America we are literally scared to talk about what ails us unless in whispers. NOT ON THIS PROGRAM!! Topics are reality based; we discuss what is really going on from the perspective of an Original Woman, A Black Woman in America. I simply keeps it real, with no pretense and minimum ego. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED BECAUSE IT CAN GET PRETTY HOT UP IN HEAH!! HANG ON TO YOUR SEATS AND HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS, AS WE ENTER THE TRUTH ZONE

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This program is a tribute to The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The foundation has been laid, why have we not adhered? What have been the obstacles? Where is the model?

This program is a tribute to Amy Ashwood Garvey and Amy Jacques Garvey. Both were wives of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, both pivotal forces in the formation and continuation of the UNIA.

What is it with the N Word that still makes some of us cringe, get angry, or be downright disgusted? Why are some of us just not cool with it? What is your opinion. Join us in this poignant discussion Queen Ifama style.

This month is the earth month for one of the most powerful Black men who ever lived. With Queen Ifama the Truth Terrorist tonight is her guest representative from Africans On The Move, a local organization here in Milwaukee that... more

Baba Jahi of www.movementsunlimited.com will be our guest as we listen to and learn from his approach to proper education of our children and how this produces responsible adults in Nation Building.

Join Queen Ifama and her guest Brother Earl as they reflect on recent shows and do an analysis of what's REALLY going on. What is LIBERATION for Afrikan people, for REAL?
Queen Ifama The Truth Seeker

Why Would We Call Ourselves N****R (and be considered SANE)

  • by Queen Ifama The Truth Seeker
Why Would We Call Ourselves Nigger(and be considered SANE) Langston Hughes said: "The word nigger, you see, sums up for us who are colored all the bitter years of insult and struggle in America." In origin the word "nigger"... more

Brother Salim Abdul-Khaliq, founder of the Flaming Crescent Society will discuss with us the connection between African people and Islam. Is Islam or any religion necessary to regulate the behavior of mankind? Can they? Join Queen Ifama... more

What does it take to be a good parent? What's love got to do with it? How important is a father?

This show will address the ideology of the descendants of enslaved Africans deciding to go to the continent to live. It's a beautiful picture-----Kunta returning home-----But what is the reality of it? Queen Ifama is gonna talk about it and... more
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