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I am a supporter of Reparations for African people, especially here in America.  What I have found to be so disturbing is that there are Black people who can't get with it. Now, I expect white folks to not understand it or support, but when Black folks do it, that gets my dander up!!  I guess we can attribute that to those, during enslavement as well as Jim Crow who received better treatment then their fellow African who descended from African people who were enslaved.  After all, some of us slept on "featherbeds".  WTF!!!! Still, I contend being a house negro was worse.  Too close for comfort, I would say and YOU deserve reparations more than anybody, for the psychological "better then you" brainwashing you received. IMHO.  Okay, okay, not more than anybody else, still, the closer you are to pneumonia the more likely you are to catch it. I hope you catch my drift, I said, hope.

Now the first thing we want to do, I mean those who don't support it, the first thing we want to do is go to talking about "Well African people was involved in it",  well, being involved and making a darn profit and building a legacy on that profit is two different things. Not only that, having those profits passed on from generation to generation to generations that are not even connected to that first generation...well you know what I mean, I hope!!!  Not all Black people in America will get reparations as there are Black people here of African descent who came voluntarily, so their heritage is not buried in slavery and Colin Powell is a classic example of that, so is now presidential candidate Barack Obama.

So if you don't want and don't deserve it, you certainly shouldn't get it. However, don't stand in the way of those who demand it and feel they deserve it with your criticisms, that is what I am trying to say to those who don't agree with it. Just shut the hell up!!   But the real question is will African people, the descendants of enslaved Africans, EVER get reparations and if so how will it be distributed?  Many make the demand, but few have come up with a working plan for healing or distribution of reparations.  Will the crackhead, the robber, the murderer, the just plain lazy ass person be entitled?  I think something should be REQUIRED of the recipients due to our hundreds of years of indoctrination in a culture that has been born through slavery. We need healing from that, how will that take place? Whose gonna do the healing? What are the criteria for the healers? I mean, we need to begin have this REAL discussion. Tune in on May 3, to Queen Ifama at Blog Talk to get your thoughts heard.

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