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Quantum Radio brings you knowledge from the metaphysical,spiritual and natural worlds in order to help you grow, mentally, physically and spiritually. My name is Frankie Picasso and I am the founder for the institute for quantum living and conscious design. I am an author- Midlife Mojo, a Life and Business Coach and host of several radio shows. My goal is to continue to spread seeds for a compassionate consciousness and bring awareness to all that the Universe has to offer.

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Bill Sweet is the former president of Spindrift an organization dedidicated to promoting research and education in the area of prayer and consciousness, On this program we will be exploring Prayer and Consciousness from the scientific... more

Winter Robinson is a Medical Intuitive,and she uses her intuition to heal, guide and show others how to develop and use their intuition to heal as well. Inquisitive, spiritual her thoughts lean toward Why are we here, What is our purpose and... more

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John von Nuding was our guest on Quantum Radio today and what a knowledgable gentleman he is. Originally from South Africa, John now lives in London, England.By day, he runs an Opera company but on the side, he... more

Did you know that you have a Number? Well you do. Numerology Expert John Von Nuding Joins us from England to talk about your number and what it means for you. Kelly and Frankie bring you a Conscious Life.

At one time or another we all wonder who we are and how we let life get the best of us. Dreams have been cast aside, money is a constant struggle, or love seems elusive. Join us as we talk with Mark about his book Spiriting Around and how... more

Color breathing is an easy way for people to relax themselves using seven color breathing disks. Join Founder and inventor Alison Bourne from England as she discusses the uses of the disks and who they help.

Cynthia Lawson has her MBA from San Francisco State U and a BA in Physics from UC Berkeley( ok that might have made her suspect) but on the surface she seems like an ordinary woman, however in reality, this spiritual life coach... more
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The Institute for Quantum Living and Conscious Design WWW.INSTITUTEFORQUANTUMLIVING.COM

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Hello All.. The Institute for Quantum Living and Conscious Design is now up and running. (I will put a caveat in that it's not totally complete, but there is enough meat and potatoes there to keep you busy.)Founders Frankie Picasso and... more

Tonight..the founders of the 'Institute' Kelly Wallace and Frankie Picasso, talk about how a mischievous Spirit Guide called Pheroque, led them to develop the Institute and how their paths merged, and why.. If you want to know about your... more
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